Transfer attempt Borderlands on a portable platform was carried out in 2014, when border territories 2 released for PlayStation Vita. The port was, to put it mildly, not very good, with unstable frame rate, errors and other glitches. However, the appearance of a game of this magnitude on a small console was an event, especially when other publishers didn’t even think about moving their popular projects there. Switch is coming out right away, here are the creators Borderlands he did not step aside.

Lots and lots of booty

Owners of hybrid consoles are more fortunate – not only the second part, but up to three games are available. Compilation Borderlands Legendary Collection He understands Borderlands, border territories 2 and Borderlands: the pre-sequel with all the additions Rather, all but one … Commander Lilith and the fight for the sanctuarywhich was released for the sequel last year and connected the second and third parts.

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However, it’s a bit: without that DLC content, there’s a ton. Alone Borderlands great games, especially if you set a goal of rerunning them for different characters. A DLC Pack for Part 1, another Pack for Part 2, additional playable characters, a plot addition and a pair of arenas for The pre-suite – About two hundred hours for all this, you will definitely have to kill if you want to study the shooters in the distance.

It is true that the first part has not passed the test of time: it seems long, monotonous and faded. Chances are the point is in much brighter, more memorable sequels where literally every item is better. The locations are larger and more varied, the filming is more fun, the arsenal is richer, the missions are not so exhausting… The first game disturbs you very quickly, even if spending time with friends was a lot of fun.

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Borderlands Legendary Collection on Switch - just like in the past

Open worlds are beautiful as before.

This is probably why the first game is sold separately from the others on Nintendo eShop, so you can recommend newcomers to pay attention immediately. border territories 2 and The pre-suitethat even many years later they have recently been played alone and cooperatively. Jokes aren’t so fun anymore (in games in this series, the louder someone yells, the funnier the developers get), but the game is still addicting.

It’s a shame that by bringing these games to Switch, the port authors didn’t add some innovations that first appeared in Borderlands 3 and made it much more practical than its predecessors. This is mainly the ability to grab onto edges and platforms in a single jump and switch between missions by clicking the cross. After playing the third part a few months ago, I want to see the same amenities in the rest, but my habits are quickly forgotten, and the old-fashioned way you open the quest list from the menu, choosing the right task over there.

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Everything is as it should be

As for the ports as a whole, they are carried out in good faith. The graphics are superb, although the resolution of some textures has decreased. But the visual style does not become obsolete, apparently ever, and it did not suffer during the transfer. There’s nothing wrong with the screen resolution either: there is truly 1080p in stationary mode and 720p in laptop mode in each of the three games, with no “stairs” and “soap”. He does not feel any discomfort during the passage.Borderlands Legendary Collection on Switch - just like in the past

When you travel by transport, productivity does not deteriorate.

The frame rate may drop slightly during heavy combat with large groups of enemies (this was especially noticeable when I got close to them), but that’s not the nightmare the version offered. border territories 2 for PlayStation Vita. In the vast majority of cases, everything runs stably, so when you play these games on TV, you forget at some point that they are playing on the Switch. In portable mode, there is no noticeable change in frame rate.

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The only innovation they decided to add to these ports is the gyroscope mount. And more specifically, you can aim with it and pick up open-boxed cartridges, without lifting your finger from the Y button just by turning the stick. Unfortunately if in the port The outer worlds If the gyroscope can be activated exclusively when pointed, there is no such option: it is always on or completely off. In addition, when in use, aiming aid is deactivated.

But above all, the multiplayer mode is still there. You can complete all the games in split screen mode (this can only be done with a friend) or on the web, where missions are offered and all living things are slaughtered in the company of three friends. The co-op’s productivity doesn’t decrease, the lobby can be open to strangers (although you shouldn’t expect crowds, the games aren’t the most recent yet), and voice chat is available in all three. parts of the series. Remember to pay for your Nintendo Switch Online membership.

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Part three is unlikely to be seen on Switch, but the second has yet to lose its virtues.


Last month 2K games And i study Virtuous it’s released a handful of games on Switch, and they all differ in terms of port quality. Most affected during the transfer The outer worlds, at Xcom 2 there are questions on the calendar but BioShock: the collection There are almost no flaws, except for the “ladder” in the first two games. Under all these ports it seems more advantageous Borderlands Legendary Collection– Nothing to complain about, and it looks great, and the multiplayer hasn’t changed, and the game is still good. .

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Source: The Verge