Bravely Default II, impressions after 20 hours of gameplay on Nintendo Switch: the crystals must be recovered!.

In these impressions of Bravely Default II for Nintendo Switch, after 20 hours of play, we tell you what our feelings are being with the final game. Are we liking what we’ve seen so far? Is it worth it after this first contact? Well let’s see …

Make a couple of weeks We left you our impressions of the final demo of Bravely Default II, where we told you that it had generated some concern, as if something does not add up and everything seems more of the same. And of course, after the void that Bravely Default had left in some people, that despite having magnificent beginnings, the game ended up becoming something monotonous and that it did not encourage them to continue playing.

For this reason, and with a demo that didn’t offer much in terms of story, character context or gameplay, the sensations left in its wake were cold and a little “more of the same.” Now, after having enjoyed, understood and played over 20 hours with the endgame (although for now we can only talk about two chapters), the sensations are very different and leave the residue that Bravely Default II aims to be a great JPRG.

Bravely Default II, impressions after 20 hours of gameplay on Nintendo Switch: the crystals must be recovered!

As we indicated in our impressions, the demo started somewhat abruptly and directly in chapter 1, something that after having enjoyed the full game comes to understand: I did not intend to reveal any of the great surprises that Bravely Default II contains.

The story itself revolves around crystals again, just like the first game did -only this time they are a little smaller-, but they represent the elements again: Water, Earth, Fire and Wind. “And now go … Return to earth … To your destination …”, are the words he hears Seth, protagonist and adrift sailor who, through that fate, ends up meeting the other characters.

Bravely Default II, impressions after 20 hours of gameplay on Nintendo Switch: the crystals must be recovered!

First he runs into Gloria, Princess of Musa -a Kingdom that, as he explains, was destroyed- already Sir sloan, his companion, guardian and faithful protector. After a few more introductory events, he gets to meet Elvis and Adelle, who travel together for various reasons that they detail and that we will not reveal for now, but the four of them begin their journey together to recover the crystals.

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Bravely Default II, impressions after 20 hours of gameplay on Nintendo Switch: the crystals must be recovered!

That’s when Gloria tells us that it is her duty to her lineage, as Princess of Musa, recover and keep safe these four crystals of the elements, the most precious treasure of your kingdom. If not, their power will be released and on earth there will only be death, disasters, sadness … In short, a calamity known as the Nexus Nocte.

Not to mention how well the characters fall, in part because of the outstanding work on their dubbing –into English with Spanish subtitles-, as well as the fabulous localization of the texts into Spanish, packed with hooks and well-adapted expressions. Those who enjoy this type of detail in a video game, will enjoy it in a big way, knowing that there will be opportunities to laugh … and cry.

Bravely Default II, impressions after 20 hours of gameplay on Nintendo Switch: the crystals must be recovered!

From the moment our journey begins, which you join Sir Sloan as a guest character, various characters will accompany us for some moments and will help in combat by healing and / or attacking; although sometimes it is not entirely useful, it still helps because it is an extra shift. It is a feature that we have seen in many other J-RPGs, and that here it will be repeated multiple times throughout the adventure.

Regardless of who is in the group, the protagonists are the heroes of light, capable of housing the Special power of the crystals and use it to their advantage in combat, which was seen in the demo as “Special”. But that is still another matter, so the story continues and after some unfortunate events on the trip we arrived in Sávalon, a city semi-submerged by excess water in the middle of the desert, a detail that leads the protagonists to suspect that Something out of the ordinary may be happening there.

Notably Bravely Default II happens like the approach of Final Fantasy or Persona sagas: are new stories and characters created by and for each new installment. In the case of Bravely Second, it was a continuation of the first game, but for this new installment it is not necessary to have played the previous ones.

Bravely Default II, impressions after 20 hours of gameplay on Nintendo Switch: the crystals must be recovered!

Now, and a little with respect to the previous section, as it seems that we already know a part of the initial premises of this story, ¿how to play? ¿It is similar to Bravely Default? Yes and no. Have played Bravely Default It has already introduced you to the turn-based combat system, but there is a new twist here.

The first installment featured a novel and interesting system, totally in turns and in the old-fashioned way of the RPG and JRPG, with the interesting addition of Brave and the Default. Brave allows you to attack more than once per turn and Default to protect you and do nothing during a turn; Yes accumulate 3 Braves by doing Default, you can do up to four turns at that time, in the same way that if you do three without accumulating any Default you will be the next three turns without attacking.

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Bravely Default II, impressions after 20 hours of gameplay on Nintendo Switch: the crystals must be recovered!

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To summarize, there are two extra options that can be activated, Brave can be pressed until you accumulate 3 Braves and perform four actions each turn, but if it is done from the beginning with the counter at 0 there will be an attrition and the character will be three turns without actions and vulnerable until he recovers. By cons, Default serves to end the turn and the character will be in a more defensive position, with it you will earn a Brave point each time you Default.

In Bravely Default II, there are several additions for the character’s statistics, but the important ones that mark the turns are two: Speed ​​and Weight. Claytechworks has maintained the now classic turn-based combat, but this time the objects that we carry in will affect these two statistics and in turn turns of characters and enemies.

Bravely Default II, impressions after 20 hours of gameplay on Nintendo Switch: the crystals must be recovered!

Now everything depends on the speed of each character, marked with a yellow bar below each one and it is filled with each turn that passes; the turn of action It depends on how fast you load that bar. In the first games we could always start with the initial and preparation turn, that in Bravely Default II it has disappeared.

This change speeds up the fighting; the bosses we have played serve as an example. They always have an initial turn and will not be alone and even 2-3 extra enemies will accompany them to annoy them. This makes the difficulty rise a bit more than usual and our strategy with the level and / or the Jobs varies. And speaking of Jobs …

In Bravely Default there were a total of 24 Jobs, distributed among Apprentice, Knight and Dark Knight, Red, Black and White Wizards, etc. In our departure so far we have achieved a total of 13 jobs. Some repeat in this second installment of the saga, others are new and certain jobs have given them a different name and appearance, as is the case of the Artist, here put as Bard. In this new installment they have wanted to give a different touch to the Obtaining Jobs with Asterisks, a characteristic that we will explore later, when we delve into our analysis.

Bravely Default II, impressions after 20 hours of gameplay on Nintendo Switch: the crystals must be recovered!

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Jobs are the lifelong classes in a JRPG, with the difference of not being tied to a single character. They also level up, thereby gaining skills and can be traded at any time. Furthermore, we can select one Job as main and another as secondary -although it is recommended that they are related- such as a Magician and a Bard.

During these first 20 hours of play, we liked combat. Definitely maintains the vitality seen in Bravely Default, and although it may feel familiar, the novelties make the development vary in each fight. We have to see if he manages to keep the type in the rest of the adventure, if it goes to more, or if on the contrary we have already seen everything in these hours … something that we will tell you in our analysis.

Regarding the graphic aspect of the game, we have to say that what was achieved by Claytechworks, the studio in charge on this occasion, with some close-ups of characters where you can see the quality of the clothing, for example. The same goes for the open world settings and details as we explore. We like it a lot, especially, that blurring effect in the distance that clears up as we get closer; though these and other options can be deactivated in the menu.

Nevertheless the game in dock mode It reveals much more than in portable mode the small flaws that we have been able to detect, playing especially in the open world areas and in the cities. Although in general everything is splendid, some details slightly spoil the final result. Somewhat poor designs and overly pixelated open-world characters are some of the negative aspects that are most noticeable when playing in dock.

Other aspect that has not convinced us in the open world of Bravely Default II is its minimap, which is of little help. One that could cover more area or area, but was somewhat smaller, would have been a better idea or at least. more useful. This minimap only has two modes when enlarged, one is too small and the other is too big … and in no case it benefits us. In the first the map is not useful and in the other it hides too much game screen.

In order not to reveal much more in these final impressions of Bravely Default II, we will only comment on one more aspect: its soundtrack. In Bravely Default He stood out, he enchanted, and here he does it again thanks to Revo. The composer could not be in Bravely Second due to various scheduling problems, but now he has returned and it seems that he has wanted to make himself known with an exceptional score.

As a curiosity,do you know who Revo is or what he’s part of? Saying it directly, is the leader and founder of two musical bands, the first one is Sound Horizon and was formed in 2001. It may not sound like much to you, but the other band is Linked Horizon, which maybe it is familiar to you; after all, he was in charge of giving life to the openings and certain endings of the anime Shingeki no Kyojin.

Bravely Default II, impressions after 20 hours of gameplay on Nintendo Switch: the crystals must be recovered!

In conclusion, Bravely Default II is leaving us with a very different taste in our mouths from the demo, and without a doubt it is a really good one, both in the artistic as in the playable. When it seems that you have already seen everything for having advanced a lot in history, it manages to continue innovating and surprising. In short, of all the hours that we have played, the rhythm has not decreased, we have continued to discover mechanics thanks to the work and, of course, the history that never manages not to stay in a mere “Go for the next crystal! “.