Brazilian developer Animus Game Studio has announced Trading Card Game (TCG) Black Anvil, scheduled for release in 2023 for PC and mobile. The game will initially arrive in an alpha version bringing mechanics that promise to be original, with the launch of dice and even the phases of the moon defining the player’s attack and defense options, and a card creation system.

“Black Anvil will allow players to use scrolls to create their cards and then use them in their own decks, or exchange them in a marketplace within the game itself”, explained Matheus Mazuqueli, creative director of Animus Game Studio. “At Black Anvil we will empower the player to create their deck the way they prefer, either using our crafting system or buying cards directly from the store”, he concluded.

Pre-registration can now be done on the official website and the first subscribers will participate in a draw to receive a booster at launch, in addition to following first-hand news about the development process of Black Anvil.

More details below, via Animus Game Studio.

In Black Anvil, players summon a Daemon and must equip it with item cards such as precious weapons, historical armor, and holy objects. The only way to stay alive is to survive the fights. That’s because the gameplay is entirely influenced by the phases of the moon, which change every round, directly affecting the attributes of Daemons and cards. Therefore, it is important to collect mana, use shields or perform powerful attacks at the right time, or use cards and champions that control this attribute in your favor.

In the Alpha version, expected to be available to the public in the 1st half of 2023, Black Anvil will feature dice-rolling features and the lunar system, in addition to the possibility of collecting cards and building decks. Afterwards, the game will continue to be updated, and will receive the robust card creation system, with the arrival of one of the main characters, the crafters. They determine the variety of cards you can create and deploy, via scrolls and resources obtained from the board after each match. Evolve your crafter and dominate the board, making each deck your own alchemical weapon!

Developed on blockchain technology, Black Anvil will offer different ways to play. Single-player and PvP will be free for everyone, no cryptocurrency wallet connection required; already playing PvP Ranked and Crafting require this connection so that the player can participate in the ranking and create his cards. The title will also have a Season Pass, which will offer exclusive cosmetic items, badges and rewards for Ranked PvP.

Black Anvil’s marketplace uses web3 technology to organically build a sustainable economic environment, and cards can be traded within a predetermined price range via crypto dollars. Each card has its record coined as an NFT, where it is possible to see the previous owners, values ​​that the asset has already been sold and enable integrations with other games that use the same technology.