Paradox Interactive today revealed the first full-blood vampire clan in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodines 2: Brujah! The Brujah are rebellious pyromaniacs who prefer brute force and they love to celebrate the raw power of their bloodline.

Watch this video to learn more about the Brujah, their background, and get an early look at one of their abilities:

Known as “The Rabble,” the Brujah have never been a large part of Seattle’s Kindred community. Many Brujah are remnants of failed Anarch movements and claim nothing to do with Seattle’s political factions. Brujah clan members gather in a ‘Bash’, which can best be described as a fight club for the undead. Here they show their physical superiority over other clans.

The powers of the Brujah are as overwhelming as their beliefs. Players who join The Rabble can unlock two ancient disciplines that enhance their physical abilities: potency and celerity. Potence is what the Brujah are known for. It imbues the body with the pinnacle of raw Kindred power; no one underestimates the power of a Brujah twice. Where Potence enhances strength, Celerity increases the Brujah’s speed. This allows them to strike faster, dodge faster, and escape more nimbly than any mortal creature.
Learn more about the disciplines of the Brujah below:

  • Fist of Caine – Deal a devastating blow that shatters walls and flings enemies through the air. Fist of Cain upgrades only increase the devastating effect.
  • Earthshock – Whack the ground with a titanic force, creating a shock wave around the player that knocks down anyone who dares to get too close. Upgrades to Earthshock cause the Brujah wasteland to create cracks in the earth, causing damage to anyone caught in the catastrophe.


  • Unseen Storm – Blast in any direction at such speed that you temporarily disappear from view allowing you to place attacks, dodge enemies or get away before anyone notices. Upgrades improve Unseen Storm’s effect.
  • Accelerate – Move so fast that everything else in the world slows to a stop. Attackers seem frozen in their attack, cars creep forward slowly, bullets fly quietly by and vampires perform stunts that would make for a great movie scene; with an 80s synth track in the background. Upgrades improve the effect of Accelerate.

Important: Using Potence of Celerity on a mortal is a Masquerade Violation.
Players who join the Brujah clan can use their disciplines in addition to the individual powers from their Thinblood past.
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