Bungie says sorry, PlayStation Nikes and the close of God of War.

Bungie is not too proud of her communication around Destiny 2 and says sorry. A lot of great things are happening in the world of games this weekend, including a Mega Man X world record and a new patch for Star Wars Battlefront 2.

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Bungie says sorry, PlayStation Nikes and the close of God of War

Interesting: God of War Developers on Finishing the Game

GameInformer had an interview with creative director Cory Barlog and Santa Monica studio head Shannon Studstill about the last mile of developing the new God of War. They are tired, there is still a lot of work to be done, so there will be quite a heavy atmosphere in the studio. Work work work! The video is not all about how hard it is, or how great the game will be: it also goes a little deeper into how things are going at Santa Monica.

Star Wars Rebels is coming back

The final season of Star Wars Rebels will resume next month and you can hear Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine, the man who appears in several Star Wars films as the Surpreme Chancellor.

Bungie says sorry, PlayStation Nikes and the close of God of War

The Castlevania Netflix series is also returning

We already knew that Castlevania would get a second season on Netflix, but more is now known: it will be back this summer with 8 episodes, Warren Ellis (the writer, @warrenellis) tweeted.

Speedrun Sunday: this is how you complete Mega man X World in half an hour

Speedrunner Akiteru has set a new world record. He’s so good at Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo (from 1993) that he manages to complete it in just over half an hour. We all know how unforgivable this game is, so it’s worth a little extra attention. Check it out:

Bungie says sorry, PlayStation Nikes and the close of God of War

Bungie apologizes for poor communication

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has apologized for the poor communication surrounding Destiny 2 Faction rewards. There was an adjustment that affected the number of faction tokens players could get. Moreover, it was also unclear how faction weapons would be issued. Bungie says it regrets that there was no clarity about this among players. Read it here.

What happens if you play Ocarina of Time the way it shouldn’t be?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the most loved Zelda games, so you might be pulling the video below very badly. Still, it’s interesting: what happens to Ocarina of Time if you skip some essential pieces? You can see the outcome of this experiment from the unruly YouTuber Shesez here:

Bungie says sorry, PlayStation Nikes and the close of God of War

New patch out for Star Wars Battlefront 2

In case you haven’t been bothered by the heady release, there’s good news for you: there’s a new patch for Star Wars Battlefront 2, which includes new star cards and Iden Versio’s Tie Fighter in multiplayer. Here you can read the full list of novelties and tweaks.

Lots of English Yakuza 6 gameplay in stream session from SEGA

Want to see more of Yakuza 6 in the English language instead of Japanese, as it should be? That’s possible, because SEGA has just put an extensive video online with a very long piece of moving image from Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. There is also good news for the pervs among us: the erotic live chat minigame that was rumored to have been removed from the game is still there.

PS4 Pro costs 767 euros in Brazil

The Guard remembers well that Nokia came up with special cheaper phones especially for Africa, where mobile phones can be of vital importance. In Africa the average inhabitant simply has less money than in the Netherlands or North America, for example. This also applies to Brazil, but you don’t have to count on cheap tech there. The PS4 Pro will be introduced on the Brazilian market next month with a price tag of no less than 2999 Real, that is 767 euros. Of course, a PlayStation 4 Pro is not a much needed item, but it is a hefty price for a country with much less prosperous inhabitants.

Bungie says sorry, PlayStation Nikes and the close of God of War

Nightmarchers is a post-apocalyptic Hawaii shooter

Hawaii is rarely used in games. A shame, because it has a very distinct culture. Fortunately, that is likely to change, as there is now an open world RPG shooter in the works called Nightmarchers. There is a campaign running on Fig to raise money so that you can soon start fighting with handsome Kai against Kamapua, the god who has taken over Oahu.

Zelda-esque retro platformer Faeland is looking for backers

More news on great game projects looking for enthusiasts (okay, and money): Faeland. You are a Link-like character on an adventure in a sidescrolling action platformer. Delicious Metroidvania style with a retro sauce.

Beautiful shoes: the Nike PG-2 PlayStation colorways

Paul George has developed beautiful new Nikes that incorporate various PlayStation references, such as lights, colored eyelets and the PlayStation Galaxy theme on the sole. Nice! They are revealed with the video below:

Bungie says sorry, PlayStation Nikes and the close of God of War

The Bad Boys series really seems to be happening

Bad Boys, that comedy film series starring Will Smith and the always misogynistic Martin Lawrence, is likely to be turned into a series soon. The focus is on Gabrielle Union’s character Syd Burnett. She’s the sister of Martin Lawrence’s character and she’s going to work at the LAPD in Los Angeles on this spin-off. Well-known TV and filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer is involved in the series, which was written by the men behind The Blacklist.

Square Enix has unveiled a Sora second form figurine from Kingdom Hearts III

Oh boys and girls, this year, after eighty-five intermediate parts and ports, Kingdom Hearts III will finally be released. Square Enix adds some extra fuel to the fire of desire with a very thick Sora figurine. With an extra head, which looks really crazy in the picture, but is of course meant to make the character look angry or happy. That hair! <3

Heathers is fighting against the world’s standards

Based on the original black comedy Heathers from 1988, the Heathers trailer is full of topics we have regularly faced over the years. Yet the film tries to confront us with it again, such as fat shaming and how queers are dealt with. The Guard misses Winona.

The sun is shining, if possible, give your grandmother a call and enjoy this last day of the week. Have a nice day today!

Bungie says sorry, PlayStation Nikes and the close of God of War