By following a few tricks, we are less likely to fall victim to cybercrime.

As the video game industry grows, so does our exposure to scams and malicious malware, so it doesn’t hurt to be aware of how we can be most safe while playing.

More and more people are playing video games around the world, which is definitely a welcome trend for us, and we’re excited to see as many people as possible get acquainted with the branch of art we love so much. According to surveys, there are currently 2.5 billion people in the world playing some form, including browser and mobile games. Of course, where there is success, there is money, and where there is money, there are also unwanted elements that want to benefit from unsuspecting users, so it does not hurt to pay attention.

There are vulnerabilities on all platforms that can be exploited to easily hurt players or companies through hacking or viruses. Both Fortnite and Apex Legends are popular with cybercriminals because of their plethora of free access due to their free access, plus the low average age makes scams easier.

By following a few tricks, we are less likely to fall victim to cybercrime

Also, gamer forums often post links that, when clicked, install blackmail viruses on our machine.

It is also important to mention malware-type viruses that PC gamers may encounter mainly because they are designed to use their machine for cryptocurrency mining without the owner’s knowledge. In addition, there is no negligible danger of online harassment or trust in minors, which can be prevented mainly through education on conscious use of the Internet; there are several initiatives that aim to include this in education.

By following a few tricks, we are less likely to fall victim to cybercrime

Here are some tips to help prevent a user from becoming a victim of cybercrime:

  • Always give priority to official sources! We can’t trust the download links of the many thousands of unofficial websites and forums that offer games and cheats – viruses can also lurk behind them.
  • Let’s update our games! Games, like other software, can have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by criminals. Make sure all available patches and patches are installed!
  • Use a reliable antivirus and keep it turned on while playing! Choose a security solution like ESET Internet Security, which also has a “Player mode” option, which allows you to enjoy the game without interruption while keeping your computer safe. “Without interruption” literally means that there are no annoying pop-ups while playing, and our computer isn’t slowed down by the program.
  • Pay attention to what we share about ourselves! We can easily make new friends in gamer communities, but always be careful because we don’t know who is actually sitting on the other side. Do not provide personal or credit card information in forums or private messages.

By following a few tricks, we are less likely to fall victim to cybercrime