Nintendo won’t overdo this year’s E3 presence, even though they have a lot to talk about. We hope that they will surprise us with something.

We have already discussed what Ubisoft, Bethesda, Microsoft and Sony are preparing for this year’s E3. Now it’s Nintendo’s turn to bring it up, which is unfortunately quite thin, even though the Japanese publisher would have something to come up with. At the Nintendo Direct in March, they talked about a lot of interesting games, but they will only bring one title to E3 in total, and neither a presentation nor a Direct check-in has been announced yet. Are they already preparing for the release of NX this much?

Which will definitely be there

Nintendo previously announced that they will come up with a total of one playable program. Let’s say it’s pretty cool, but no matter how much we want to try the new The Legend of Zelda game, we would have expected a little more from the publisher, especially knowing how many exciting titles they are preparing.

Either way, The Legend of Zelda will be out at E3 and everyone will be able to try the game that has been in the works for years. This will be the most free episode of the series so far with a world as big as the Wii U can handle. The developers are now more focused on the experience of exploring the outside world than building complicated labyrinths everywhere. You can travel the world on foot or on Link’s horse, and adventures and treasures await explorers everywhere.

The program will arrive next year and will probably be released for the Nintendo NX as well.

The ones we wish were there

This list will be significantly longer. Let’s start right away with the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon duo. The new 3DS games were announced by Nintendo barely a week ago, but everyone is already excited about them. We will be adventuring in the Alola region this time and we will be able to discover a lot of new Pokémon.

It belongs to Pokémon that although the testing of the Pokémon GO AR mobile game is already rumbling in some regions, we would really like to see something concrete about the appearance and the additional bracelet that can be purchased for the game.

The next part of the Paper Mario series, Paper Mario Color Splash, may also appear at the event, which adds new elements to the traditional Mario platformer. In principle, the game will arrive this summer.

The biggest throwback at the last Nintendo Direct was the trailer for Monster Hunter Generations. In practice, it is a localized version of Monster Hunter X, but the series is so popular in the West that it easily became the highlight of the event.

We would also like to finally try Dragon Quest VII, which has been waiting for localization since 2013, and which will soon be available on 3DS. The RPG released for PlayStation in 2000 has already gone through several renovations, but this year’s version is expected to be the best.

Regardless of all this, the most interesting and exciting thing would be if Nintendo brought the Nintendo NX. There have already been many rumors about the new console.

The trade assumes that the new machine will work with an AMD processor, like the Wii U, and will receive a new type of controller, although certainly not the one that was first rumored. The hardware is expected to be easy to program, rival the power of the Xbox One, and communicate with any Bluetooth device.

Most recently, there were reports that the system will use cassettes instead of disks, and that it is expected to be launched next year, even before the release of the new Zelda. What is true about this will be revealed when Nintendo finally presents it. We hope this will happen soon.

What would you expect from Nintendo at this year’s E3?

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