By the time I count to E3 – Activision, Warner Bros., Take-Two and the others.

Of course, it’s not just those who are holding a conference at E3 2017 that are making big announcements, so surprises are expected from other publishers as well. Will there be a new BioShock? Will Damien Wayne’s Batman introduce himself? Can we finally see something from Cyberpunk 2077? It will be clear soon, we have gathered what we can expect.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve explained to you in more detail what you can expect from the biggest performers at E3 2017, but there will also be participants who, while not organizing their own event, will be attending the Los Angeles expo, and in most cases with a hit. in his pocket. We have summarized what are the announced and unannounced titles that we will be able to marvel at with a little luck on June 10-16. between.

By the time I count to E3 – Activision, Warner Bros., Take-Two and the others


Activision is in the fortunate position that console manufacturers are vying for its favors, so it is expected that the team’s next two big throws, Call of Duty: WWII and Destiny 2, will also show up in Microsoft’s and Sony’s launch. Since the publisher’s relationship with Sony is a little better now, they’ll probably come to the fore during the PlayStation performance. With the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy unveiled in late June, that can’t be missed either, however, Skylanders, which targets the hearts of babies and parents ’wallets, is expected to miss out after the Imaginators’ fall. As are Blizzard’s major brands, as, like previous expos, the label is preparing for games in August and BlizzCon in November (maybe a little StarCraft Remastered will fit, it’s time to release).

Warner Bros.

You can’t complain about Warner Bros. either, as Injustice 2 or just Middle-earth: Shadow of War are typically titles that the companies behind the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One machines are happy to show off, showcasing the power of the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio. Family-friendly titles such as LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, LEGO Worlds, LEGO Dimensions and Cars 3: Driven to Win may also make those machines more desirable – although the latter is unlikely to be discussed. This may seem like a safety game on Warner’s side so far, but we’re confident that they’ll finally tell you something about the repeatedly rumored Batman episode starring Damian Wayne, and we wouldn’t argue against a sequel to Dying Light, since I would take it like sugar (especially that while the Warsaw division is working on a Shadow of the Colossus-style game, there is no news of the work of the other divisions).

By the time I count to E3 – Activision, Warner Bros., Take-Two and the others

Take-Two (Rockstar Games, 2K Games)

The third publisher whose porters are likely to be seen more than once during the event is Take-Two. Red Dead Redemption 2 is primarily Sony’s heartbeat, so it’s sure to incorporate the Wild West adventure into the show, but it’s not out of the question that this could be one of Scorpio’s pulling headlines as well. The NBA 2K18 (taking into account the blockbusting of its predecessor) and a more combo Mafia III add-on can serve a similar purpose, but considering that we already saw a tech demo from Borderlands 3 in March this year, we are looking forward to that. In addition to these, Take-Two has all the IPs that, if only one is pulled out, we’ll jump up in with joy: there’s the Agent, who has been in a precarious state for years, the next Max Payne, the sequel to Evolve, LA Noire Remaster and maybe all the most likely of these is a new BioShock. Fingers crossed.

Square Enix

Square Enix has intensified in recent years, you can easily win our hearts with anything. We are particularly interested in games based on Marvel licenses, so we have good reason to hope for the Avengers Revenge, developed by Crystal Dynamics, but we won’t be offended if some information about other secret projects (such as the rumored Guardian of Eidos Montreal) is rumored. Since Rise of the Tomb Raider was also ringed at a Microsoft conference the year after its predecessor came out, it’s not a devil’s idea that the sequel, supposedly called Shadows of the Tomb Raider, may show up on this year’s E3, but we’d bet on it, that Life is Strange will also be featured (after all, if all is true, the second season is coming and images from a history have also been leaked recently). And if it’s Square Enix, it’s Final Fantasy – they’ll have plenty to say about this franchise as well (with Final Fantasy VII Remakes, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy XV DLCs, and Final Fantasy XIV: With Stormblood), just as Kingdom Hearts 3 deserves more care.

By the time I count to E3 – Activision, Warner Bros., Take-Two and the others

Deep Silver

Deep Silver can also go a long way if you put in a little strain, as with the rebuilt Dead Island 2, they can pique the interest of many zombie fans, and the expansion of the Metro franchise is quite due. (By the way, you could show something from 4A Games’ VR shooting Arctic.1). We’d be surprised if Agents of Mayhem, part of the Saints Row universe, were left out of the party, as Kingdom Come: Deliverance this year seems to be a sure actor.


If Capcom is there, Resident Evil is also guaranteed. A revamped version of Revelations is being made, debtors still give us one or two Resident Evil VII story DLCs and there are still episodes in the series that haven’t been moved to state-of-the-art consoles; it wouldn’t be surprising for another remaster announcement. Capcom also wants to be hit by the wind of superhero popularity that Marvel vs. Capcom plans to achieve it with the release of Infinite, although a little demonic Devil May Cry 5 would elicit a greater cheer from the audience (and it could easily be so). There’s even a chance for Monster Hunter to be present, maybe even a resurrection of Onimusha, as well as the announcement of a PS4 version of Dead Rising 4. But we also want to know the fate of Deep Down.

By the time I count to E3 – Activision, Warner Bros., Take-Two and the others

Bandai Namco

Anyone hoping for Dark Souls news shouldn’t expect it from E3 2017, as Bandai Namco has sent the series on vacation for a while. On the other hand, From Software’s new Aztec-themed game, it is speculated, could be unveiled here. He sure has something to tell the development teams of the vampire Code Vein and the magical Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, while Project Cars 2 will push the Bandai Namco chariot on the ground and Ace Combat 7 in the sky. Little Nightmares was a pleasantly creepy little platformer, hence they could squeeze in the recently floated DLC with a view to success. (By the way, considering that Dragon Ball Xenoverse debuted in 2015 and the sequel debuted in 2016, it would be time for a third part, of course, there is nothing to suggest that this is beyond Sherlock logic).

505 Games

505 Games has struggled a lot in recent years, so it may have been that we’re excited to see more of its games appear. The love child of Starbreeze Studios and Overkill Software, The Walking Dead, could flash something about itself despite the delay, but we expect similar unfolding from System Shock 3, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Psychonauts 2 and consoles in late June also from Dead by Daylight. You can also reach out on the Overkill Payday front by presenting some Payday 2 VR and talking about Payday 3 under development. The chances are slim, but maybe we can get some new details about Remedy’s next novelty, the P7, which is also made with support for 505 Games.

Focus Home Interactive

Focus Home Interactive plans to take on the expo with a pre-announced launch, the jewel of its offering is a Dontnod-welded Vampyr, but will also be adept at cult brands such as the video game Call of Cthulhu and the new World of Darkness role-playing game, Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Their own The Technomancer team wants to prove it this time with a fantasy RPG, GreedFall; Asobo Studio features an exciting action adventure (The Plague); the Insurgency: Sandstorm campaign will process a sensitive story; and another board game related to Warhammer 40,000 gets video player processing (Necromunda). The publisher takes with it the already released The Surge, and that should mean nothing more than DLCs. But what about Farming Simulator? Developed for handheld consoles, Farming Simulator 18 can’t compensate other users, especially as the Techland Pure Farming 2017 trailer is made for the E3.

By the time I count to E3 – Activision, Warner Bros., Take-Two and the others

Telltale Games

The king of episodic adventure games, Telltale Games, is currently busy with the Guardians of the Galaxy, the second episode of which has just been released, so it’s likely to be out of the scatter, but there’s plenty more to pull out of the hat: in addition, debtors even present their own IP and their joint project with Lionsgate. The really big kingdom, of course, would be to announce the new seasons of Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us and / or Tales from the Borderlands, as fans are very much looking forward to them.

THQ Nordic

Few juggle as many titles as THQ Nordic (formerly Nordic Games), yet don’t rush the surprises. What we’re hoping for is bringing in the top three topicals, Darksiders 3, ELEX, and Spellforce 3, but there are also smaller fish in that net (Baja: Edge of Control, AquaNox: Deep Descent, and The Guild 3). We could wholeheartedly be enthusiastic about it if they gave some status reports on at least a couple of the batches of purchased IPs, as there would certainly be a demand for another Hellish Neighbors, Red Faction, Titan Quest, Desperados, Imperium Galactica, or Codename: Panzers.


SEGA doesn’t come with a bit of ammo either, its biggest pull will clearly be Total War: Warhammer 2, which could get a bigger role at the PC Gaming Show. Considering that they are becoming more and more focused on the PC market, there is a good chance that the announcement of the Alpha Protocol remaster (and possibly other ports, upgrades as well) will be announced, however Shenmue 3 will definitely be omitted, this has already been confirmed (of course Shenmue’s 1-2 slaps have not been refuted since then). They’ll certainly talk a bit about their two popular series, Sonic and Yakuza as well: while the former may be discussed in connection with the Mania and Forces subtitles, the latter may be the subject of talk about Act 6 and Kiwami.

By the time I count to E3 – Activision, Warner Bros., Take-Two and the others

CD Project RED

They would produce such a wide grin that it would surround our heads if CD Project RED revealed anything in front of us from Cyberpunk 2077, but it is feared that it will be destined for gamescom. Nevertheless, Gwent can be honored and in some way perhaps represented by the Witcher franchise, as our Polish friends mentioned at a financial conference last year that they are planning to release another AAA-category role-playing game from 2017 in addition to Cyberpunk. For the period up to 2021. Does this have anything to do with the fact that the president recently revealed they are thinking of a The Witcher spin-off? If we have poppies, it will be revealed soon.

As is the fate of Hitman after Square Enix resigned, even though IO Interactive is already busy next season. Last but not least, Konami can stretch the metal Gear Survive and PES 2018 duo alongside the others, Crytek will promise info on Hunt: Showdown, and Codemasters will hopefully showcase F1 2017 in Los Angeles.

E3 kicks off on Sunday, a day after EA’s own event, EA Play. You can find the latest news before, during and during the event on our E3 subpage, and you can find information about the conferences here.

We still have something to tell you, you will find all the interesting things here!

By the time I count to E3 – Activision, Warner Bros., Take-Two and the others