Call of Duty: Black Ops III Descent – DLC review.

I like to return to the Call of Duty: Black Ops III servers from time to time, and the latest expansion has confirmed my belief that Treyarch has an idea for his big series. Descent may not revolutionize the fun, but it provides a lot of fun shooting.

Treyarch are zombie masters, and the latest addition to Call of Duty: Black Ops III proves this point. The studio took a risk many years ago introducing running dead people to the game, but this variant of the game was a huge success and thanks to this, the authors can play with the form. Descent was basically touted for the next chapter with a running carcass, as Gorod Krovi introduces players to the extremely wacky Stalingrad. The City of Blood was placed in an alternative timeline, and more precisely in the 40s of the last century, where terrifying dragons fly around the location, which we use for transport. During the game, we eliminate -zombies, or even robo–zombies, and a nice novelty in the design of the arena are multi-level buildings – no more running on one plane.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Descent – DLC review

There is no shortage of action here, and to be honest I haven’t played this variant of the game with such pleasure for a long time. The creators diversified the struggles in an interesting way and the fans of the mode will be delighted. The possibility of setting up electric traps has returned to the location, and moreover, the studio has put a lot of powerful weapons at our disposal – I heartily recommend that you read the GKZ-45 Mk3 for a longer time … There is power! It is also a nice touch to introduce younger versions of famous characters into the story – Dempsey, Beliński, Masaki and Richtofen unite in these difficult circumstances. In terms of gameplay, you cannot expect any revolution, because we repeat the known pattern again, but this time the shell rewards a lot.

I am convinced that not everyone will like this approach to the subject, but how many times can we run around almost identical places and fight similar enemies? Here at least it’s hard to get bored, but you have to treat Gorod Krovi only as a pleasant escape from the standard game ..

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Descent – DLC review

Of course, man does not live by the corpses, but in Descent’s maps it is not surprising. Developers have already shown in the case of earlier additions that they want to satisfy literally every audience and this time it is no different. Consequently, the locations are very diverse and very uneven. Berserk made the biggest impression on me this time – the location was located in the Viking village, which has been showered with thick snow for many long years. The creators really tried to make the whole look very coherent, and the futuristic character of the soldiers and their guns contrasts in an interesting way with the buildings. The map is not large, but the authors managed to stuff a few larger spaces anyway and the gameplay itself boils down to taming a few corners well. It is not easy, it is not too difficult, but it is very pleasant. Numerous elements of the landscape left by the Vikings certainly deserve attention here.

On the other hand, I totally can’t find Rumble. Here we come across a futuristic stadium, where robot fights took place until recently, but developers have shifted open spaces in favor of more and more corridors. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of little maze spots, but there’s just too much of it here. On the plus side, the setting of the location can certainly be included – the colorful arena filled with numerous elements of the stadium looks even good. However, it is a pity for the unused potential, because I was counting on more emphasis on the mechs.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Descent – DLC review

Fortunately, Treyarch is referring to our memories again and this time we fall into a pimped-out version of the Raid from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The map was restored by an extremely wealthy billionaire, who decided to show his possessions at every step and this version of the object may be liked. Empire is a full-mouthed glamor, because the place resembles the villas of a wealthy Roman, who for years killed innocent people, and after collecting his belongings, decided to settle down in quiet, simply fabulous areas. This time, the authors managed to maintain a balance between free space and closed areas, and I am happy to run around such a vision of Raid. All the Italian accents look great and it’s good that the designers did not go too far with the evolution and during the game it is not difficult to find the characteristic elements of the famous location from the second Black Ops.

For dessert, I left myself a futuristic prison filled with criminals sleeping in cryogenic containers. It looks really good and at the first meeting I had a question – will it look like this in the near future? The place is full of tubes with detainees, and the location has been prepared wisely. There are also narrow passages and long corridors in which fans of dynamic gameplay and running on walls will find themselves. At the same time, the authors do not forget about snipers, and you can find several places in Cryogen for fans of long weapons. You have to be careful here, because you can easily inadvertently jump out of the map … On the other hand, these problematic stages can be used and a smart player will give himself a big advantage.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Descent – DLC review

Descent is a lot of fun with zombies in the lead role and quite uneven spots in the online mode. In the latter variant of the game, the authors, unfortunately, do not risk and want to please everyone again. It’s not difficult to understand this decision, but we can expect more from Treyarch.