Call of Duty Blackout Tips: How to Win in Black Ops 4 Battle Royale. Adjusting to Blackout is difficult, especially if you are a beginner and you want to win in a battle of this genre. It is, even for the most experienced. So, today, we wanted to make this little guide in which we are going to advise you so that you can improve in the game.

Call of Duty Blackout Tips: How to Win in Black Ops 4

Even if you’ve already played for the past ten years, it doesn’t matter. Blackout needs parallel learning, regardless of whether you are a veteran of other games.

With these Blackout tips, you’ll be able to get the best loot, stay alive longer, and hopefully score your first Blackout victory. You’ll find some of the key tips that will help you get faster, get the best batch, and stay alive longer.

How to win in Black Ops 4

where to start

First of all, select a place to start. The map is wide, but from the start you can easily get anywhere. That being said, the busiest and most difficult areas to survive are the ones with names, and they appear along the flight path.

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So, to survive in the first few minutes, stay away from these sites. Go away from the airfield and the flight path. There will be fewer people and it even guarantees you a good loot.

If it is true that, from time to time, it is not bad to risk and go to busy areas, since this will strengthen your fighting skills.

Another option is to go to the zombie zones, like Lighthouse and Asylum, they chase you and assault you quickly, and the battles are really confusing. But with a bit of practice, if you land on these spots, you’ll start beating them and picking up the weapons they drop. A Mystery Box can also be spawned in areas with zombies which can be identified by finding a blue beam of light shot in the sky.

land fast

The shortest way is to fall vertically to the point where it is reached a speed of 60, and then level off. In this way, as you get a lot of energy, you will reach land before the others.

Another quick trick to find the ground faster is to make sure the parachute opens as low as possible. When you land on the Hydro Dam, for example, and want to dive into the water, open your parachute at the last moment, then quickly turn into a building while the other players are still airborne.

Call of Duty Blackout Tips: How to Win in Black Ops 4


If you have just landed and there are a lot of people, your concern is to get hold of a weapon. Press the F key and you will take the loot that is on the ground, whatever it is. You can press the G key to store them in your inventory without using your weapon immediately.

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Blackout is very generous with storage space allowing you to carry loads of ammo, gadgets, perks, and heals before you reach capacity, so take advantage of it.

In addition to ammo, without using any of the five slots in your inventory, you can bring a healing item and a gadget. You’ll also want a backpack, as it doubles your inventory slots.

weapons and accessories

You should have a rough idea, without going into loadout details, of what weapons or attachments you want when searching the buildings, so you know when to take chances and when to settle for what you have.

An assault rifle and sniper rifle are pretty solid weapons. Assault is good for medium wars, while Sniper takes care of long range and can help you find a new arena. The dearth of close-range battles renders SMGs, pistols, and shotguns useless in Blackout.

As to the accessories, a sight with 3x zoom or more to eliminate the enemies is absolutely necessary. A muffler It’s also useful, because you can shoot without the sound giving away your position. And, choose a good grip and a good stock, as this makes it much easier to control fully automated fire.

Call of Duty Blackout Tips: How to Win in Black Ops 4

So what weapons can we pick up? When it comes to snipers, the Koshka and Paladin HB50 are equally well-suited for picking off enemies from a distance, but you have to take care of the Auger HB50. The Rambla 17 and the Maddox RFB – the Titan LMG is a good substitute – are the best weapons to look for.

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Health and armor medkit level 3

Health kits and level 3 armor are the best you can choose in Blackout. The latter will make you endure loads of bullets and even a headshot or two. And, with the medkit your health will increase to 200.

You can win any combat at close or medium range with 200 health and level 3 armor, and you can even open fire as a sniper, allowing you to locate enemy positions, recover and even your approach. Tier 3 armor is also the only armor that minimizes headshot damage, making it much more useful than its other forms. These items are pretty rare, so you have to take a bit of a risk to get both, but they are well worth it.

Don’t forget to vary the location and movement

Snipers will kill you with a single shot from Blackout and anyone with a gun can easily hit it. So when you’re running across an open field, try to jump, go sideways, and make directional changes.

Don’t hide in the buildings

One of the biggest early offerings for Black Ops 4 is that the stealth game it does work in real combat mode. The buildings will seem like safe places, but be careful, because any player in the vicinity will lean out of the windows, and if they see any movement, with a well-placed grenade they can end your game.

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You have no advantage when you are in a building: most walls can be shot through, grenades can be thrown, and more.


The only thing that will protect or heal from a headshot is level 3 armor, and not many players wear it.

What does this mean? That going straight for the skull is the fastest way to kill an enemy.

Call of Duty Blackout Tips: How to Win in Black Ops 4

Avoid using cars

Vehicles are big for distances and gunfire, but they’re going to alert enemies to your location. So if you risk dying or want to get a strategy spot in preparation for the end zone, avoid the cars.

He helicopter, as you can buy time just by flying over the balloon, it is an exception in this situation.

Put the Trophy System in your vehicle and it will save you from certain death

The trophy device neutralizes any oncoming rockets or bombs so you can defend your employees from flaming death by an RPG if you strap it to a car. This is especially relevant when putting on a helicopter, as the Hellion Salvo rocket launcher makes the entire team very vulnerable during flights.

How to use the parachute

Many players use these suits on the cliffs and buildings in Blackout, but there are still some players who don’t know how to activate them. It’s easy: find a place to jump and hold down the jump button instead of tapping it.

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Surviving the storm is easy

In a real fighting game, there is nothing worse than dying in a storm. The Blackout storm doesn’t alter the way it works in other games, but there are several other resources available to resolve it. For example, during your run in Blackout you can heal up and allow yourself to quickly cover the ground while your health regenerates. You can also have bonuses like Outlander, which significantly reduces storm damage, and which also allows you to increase speed in case of storm damage.

When running outside of the circle during the final fight, take advantage of this mechanic to get into better position or flank the opponent. Alternatively, you can play outside the circle for minutes with a nice pool of healing items, scoring simple kills from unsuspecting enemies who thought there would be no one on the brink of the storm.

So much for this short guide that, if you follow it, will make you a better Call of Duty player, and you will learn how to win in Black Ops 4.