Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer: With Minimap, Self-Heal, and No Specialists.

  • Activision unveiled the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer mode on Wednesday night.
  • Five new maps and three new game modes have been introduced.
  • Zombies mode was not displayed.

Last night, Activision unveiled full-scale multiplayer for the new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, which releases November 13 on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S, and PC. New maps, their structure, and design were just as much a subject as old and new game modes, handling, technology, and progression. General changes to the course of matches were also discussed. And of course, there was also talk about the effects this will have on the standalone battle royale game Warzone.

Meanwhile, zombie mode was visibly absent. A short clip between two thematic segments of the live broadcast confirmed there would be zombies, but promised too much for the rest of the show. After discussing all of the changes and innovations, the event focused on streaming matches from various eSports and YouTube celebrities. The Youtube chat recognized this by posting tens of thousands of zombie emoticons and sending the letter “z” over and over. Activision minimized startup consistently and without zombies. It looks like the Undead Infested Co-op will be introduced at some other time.

Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer: With Minimap, Self-Heal, and No Specialists

So much ahead: The fact that the game is set in 1983 has a lasting impact on the experience. Here you can read our summary of what happened.

No more specialists, create a class without a Pick Ten system and without the greatest gunsmith of all time

As the developers announce, Black Ops 4’s controversial specialty system is history. Instead, there is now a location-based system called “Create a Class”, which is no longer subject to the Pick 10 rules. You still have a primary and secondary weapon with you, as well as a tactical and deadly gadget. Additionally, there’s the pitch upgrade, which you choose before the game, and then after a while – not the score – you can find it in the level. Fortunately, the cooldown continues even after the screen dies, which should help less experienced players take advantage of these spectacular aids.

Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer: With Minimap, Self-Heal, and No Specialists

With that in mind, scores are kept even when you die, so players of all skill levels have the option to use them. But the cooldown of a sequence is longer. All of the fan favorites should be back, but it should also be more tactical as you should be able to counter some scores.

Wilds are back too: each class can choose one of four wilds: equip primary weapon with up to eight attachments, equip six instead of just three perks, double the number of mortals and tactics or wear three main advantages, and of course you equip yourself also advantage still. The Gunsmith, meanwhile, contains most of the attachments of the series’ history in Cold War. Each weapon has 54 attachments for you to choose from. The exact percentages tell you what the changes are causing. The bottom line is that Treyarch wants to deliver the best weapon experience possible.

Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer: With Minimap, Self-Heal, and No Specialists

If you are already sure you want the game, you can Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in three different editions Pre-order and get early access to the Open Beta on PS4, which starts October 8.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: here are the 5 new maps

Some of the new maps were also discussed: The satellite is located in a desert in Angola, for example, where a satellite has crashed. The sandy map is said to exude a certain king of the hill character. The Armada, meanwhile, plays in the North Atlantic, where the Western powers recover a sunken Soviet submarine. By securing the submarine, you can take control of the surrounding military ships to give your team a tactical advantage. Moscow, on the other hand, is a classic three-way service card, which is particularly impressive in terms of the aesthetics of the Iron Curtain. Miami is playing at night, you should also be able to make good use of shadows to squeeze in. A stretch of coast offers the possibility of opening a wide flank by plunging along the beach, while the elegant music of the 80s resonates from the nightclubs.

Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer: With Minimap, Self-Heal, and No Specialists

The map, located in Uzbekistan, is called Crossroads and is quite large. It’s up to Special Forces and MI6 to stop a Soviet missile convoy. At the same time, the teams would also have to keep control of their respective outposts, otherwise the control of the powerful tanks would go to the other side.

Different vehicles can be seen on all maps. Hind-D helicopters as well as snowmobiles and jet skis. Visually, they put a lot of effort into making the game realistic and plausible.

Game modes: old classics and three cool new additions for up to 40 players

Six on six once again dominated the action, but Treyarch wanted to refresh everything with the design. TDM, Domination, Search and Destroy Control – all of these modes are included again. However, reimagined here and there: Larger Domination capture areas are meant to allow for more meaningful tactics, and Hardpoint’s spawn system has been overhauled, as it now shows where the next hard spot can be expected.

Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer: With Minimap, Self-Heal, and No Specialists

Two modes are new: the VIP escort in particular seemed fun. Again, you’re playing six-on-six, but a team needs to remove a low-armed VIP, who has a well-___ed pistol, smoke grenade, and access to a spy plane from the map, but the exfiltration points seem to be tilting. happily. I did something. Fireteam is the biggest game mode outside of Warzone: here ten squads of four play on fairly large maps and gradually accomplish various objectives in competition with others, for example when you get uranium for a dirty bomb in the Dirty Bomb submode and then it should explode.

The third new mode, introduced yesterday, combines infantry and vehicle combat in an action-packed twelve-on-twelve: Combined Weapon Dominance. It looks like what it is: bigger and more chaotic than normal domination – with tanks, snowmobiles and gunboats for more spectacle.

Changes to the feel of the game in Cold War: The Return of the Minimap and Regenerative Health

A lot is said to have happened in front of the animations, which adds to the feel of the game. Every move in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is meant to be useful and meaningful, according to Sunni Han, Lead Character Artist at Treyarch . To accomplish this, every point of contact with a character’s weapon and every stance position has been planned for every scenario. The increase in simulated bone count more accurately reflects the effects of physics and gravity. From the weight of the gear to more decorative items like swivel wallet chains. The characters should move more naturally.

Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer: With Minimap, Self-Heal, and No Specialists

The new sprint take-off feature speeds up the start of a sprint before the figure embarks on a normal gallop. This should convey more power and dynamism. Your character can sprint endlessly, there is no stamina bar. The glide on the knees begins and ends in a squatting position, in a way that is supposed to look more believable. Controlling your footsteps should also become more important. While the Ninja Perk still exists, going slower will also make you extremely quiet. Finally, the jump should be more “classic” and not so high and therefore more realistic. There is also a short landing brake.

Additionally, the minimap, which was a bit painfully missed in Modern Warfare, is back and appears, as usual, on a small map when someone shoots their weapon. Many of them should also be happy that life energy automatically regenerates after a while, so you don’t have to collect healing items.

La technologie de Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War et la version PC

In order to properly capture the locations, Treyarch artists traveled around the world to take photos and scans of the surroundings on location. On the engine side, the PBR (“physical based rendering”), true 4K, HDR, ray tracing (on support systems) as well as photometric lighting and a revised Contour Terain system Cold War contributed to achieve more of authenticity.

Mar-Alexandre Milot from Beenox then mentioned the PC version, which is now finally available in DX12, which is suitable for performance and latency. The collaboration with Nvidia ensures the DLSS and hardware ray tracing and the new reflex function that Nvidia already introduced during the unveiling of its RTX 30 series and reduces system latency. Reflex will also be implemented in Call of Duty Warzone.

Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer: With Minimap, Self-Heal, and No Specialists

Black Ops Cold War as a “connected experience” and the next evolutionary step of Warzone

Activision also promised to inaugurate a real “new evolutionary stage” of the Warzone battle royale mode through Cold War. The motifs and themes, weapons and locations of the Cold War will be closely linked to Warzone. After launch, both games will also share “narrative-wise” (whatever that means) content for the Battle Pass and the Item Shop.

That way, you want to combine Call of Duty experiences and make sure your mouth is open. The things you unlocked in Cold War should in the meantime be usable in Warzone. Continuity is important, which is why you don’t have to fear for your progress.

In addition, it has been confirmed once again that the Cold War is cross-platform and multi-generation.

Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer: With Minimap, Self-Heal, and No Specialists

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