Activision and Infinity Ward released the gameplay trailer for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign at Summer Game Fest, which showcases the Dark Water stage.

At this point in the campaign, an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico is carrying a cargo that could trigger a global conflict: a ready-to-go weapon.

Task Force 141 found documents showing missiles hidden aboard a platform far from shore. Thrown overboard, a team consisting of Soap, Ghost, and Mexican Special Forces Operator Alejandro, a new ally and seasoned veteran, braves a storm to reach their objective.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is out October 28 for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).


More details on the Dark Water phase, via Activision:

Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, three squadrons are in speedboats on their way to an oil rig.

On the stern of one of them, Commander PMC Graves of the Company of Shadows sends information from Headquarters to Soap and Alejandro.

The mission? Task Force 141 and the Company of Shadows must invade the platform, clear it of hostile forces and disarm the missile… That is, if the information they have is correct, and the missile does in fact exist.

Following orders to begin operations from a trusted leader at HQ, the squad rappels up the platform and begins sweeping the lower offices and walkways. Playing as Soap, we walk right behind Graves before entering one of the offices and neutralizing his security team.

As we climb the stairs in line with Graves, Alejandro, and another Company of Shadows operator, Ghost radios in to say he’s on the vessel with Squadron 3 of the Company of Shadows. Soon we received confirmation: the missile is on the platform.

Chaos ensues from then on. After entering one of the machinery control booths, an Operator is shot down and the entire platform goes on high alert. A flare goes off as we grab tactical equipment and head to the main deck, and we occupy a container on the vessel.

Soap and Graves eliminate everyone on board and find the missile’s container on a helipad… only he doesn’t have his controls…

Graves radios another high-ranking officer at HQ with information that the controls are on a boat, which is leaving the platform, and receives his orders:

“You have your orders, boy – stop that launch.”

Returning to the speedboat by rappelling, we begin the chase, where we collide and enter the main deck – which leaves the whole team injured, but able to get up. As we pull ourselves up, we realize that the boat is in a raging tide – everything that isn’t nailed to the ground is sliding.

This is just one example of how campaign missions will be more dynamic and realistic, something in which Call of Duty: Modern Warfare innovated compared to previous titles. Players will not only face enemies, but will also have to deal with the elements of nature, such as diving to hide in enemy territory.

On this mission we stayed above sea level, but just barely. Walking around the ship avoiding enemy fire and being crushed by tons of metal, we reach the cargo area that is completely flooded and where a wave takes a soldier before we can shoot him down.

As we reach the entrance to the Bridge, we prepare to infiltrate the cabin with Graves…

And the rest, you will experience in October.