Call of Duty Modern Warfare | 22 things you need to know about Multiplayer.

It was revealed this week after so much waiting for the multiplayer from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We saw a lot of gameplay, details, killstreaks and other information that excited everyone.

Below, via PlayStation Blog, we have 22 things you need to know about Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare |  22 things you need to know about Multiplayer

Multiplatform game means you can play with PS4, PC and Xbox players

In its reveal event, Infinity Ward confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will also allow PC players to compete with console players – something unheard of in the series. How is the studio balancing the confrontation between mouse and keyboard users and control users? “One of our solutions was to develop the demand for matches based on the use of the peripheral,” said Joe Cecot, Design Director. “We also allow different peripherals, so if you want to connect your keyboard on your PS4, you can. ”

No Season Pass.

Instead, a continuous variety of maps and free content will be available after the game’s release. “So far, all we can say is that we will have a regular distribution of content,” said Cecot. “We have a very hectic schedule after launch because we want to give our players something they can be engaged with.”

Call of Duty Modern Warfare |  22 things you need to know about Multiplayer

Weapon customization is varied.

Most Call of Duty games allow you to modify your weapon. But the customization of the Modern Warfare weapon “arsenal” is quite extensive, with 30 to 60 modifiers available for most weapons. It is so extensive that it has become a completely independent mode called “Arsenal”.

Gameplay and Progression are unified across the three main modes.

Equipment that you unlock and equip in Multiplayer will extend into the Spec Ops co-op experience and vice versa. You will unlock some equipment for Multiplayer by also playing in Single Player mode, and weapons and modifications will be consistent and unified across the three modes.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare |  22 things you need to know about Multiplayer

Night vision goggles (NVGs) change the game …

In most games, NVGs paint their screen a light green, highlighting threats. Not in COD: MW. Equip an NVG on dark maps to turn the game into an otherworldly battleground, where conventional rules do not apply. On maps that allow NVG, each player can equip it by holding down the d-pad button.

… And the “discipline of the use of laser” will finally come into vogue in 2019.

You need to be careful when fighting on an NVG-compatible map, as your weapon’s laser sight will be activated when aiming at an enemy. Thus, enemies using NVG will be able to easily track their position.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare |  22 things you need to know about Multiplayer

2v2 shooting is pure adrenaline.

This incredible little way can steal the show. This confrontation takes place in small “Flash Maps”, and equips the four players with the same variety of weapons selected at random to keep the fight fair. These cat and mouse fights make the game really tense, similar to fighting games.

There are three basic map sizes.

The “Flash Maps” were designed for 2v2 Shooting games at close range, while the “Tactical Maps” are for the more traditional 6v6 and 10v10 matches. The “Battle Maps” are reserved for larger scale 20v20 matches.

Multiplayer offers different play styles.

From team support when running and shooting, from sniper to camper and more, IW seeks to diversify the number of game styles with Modern Warfare. In part, this is possible thanks to a wide variety of equipment.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare |  22 things you need to know about Multiplayer

The crossing of the map seems more fluid and varied.

Perhaps more than any previous Call of Duty game, COD: Modern Warfare offers more tactical options. This is reflected in the new map designs, which offer more opportunities to cross hidden places and behind doors to surprise your opponents. If previous Call of Duty maps looked like a race track, COD: Modern Warfare is a roller coaster.

Operators are cosmetic only.

You can choose from an incredible variety of Operators to represent you during online matches, but the benefits will be purely aesthetic.

The map drawings were inspired by classic Mata-Mata games.

Infinity Ward was inspired by some classic Mata-Mata games, like Quake, while they were developing COD: Modern Warfare. More “positions of power” – towers and other elevated areas – are scattered across the map. These positions give you a goal in the match and result in varied and interesting shootings that flow around the map.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare |  22 things you need to know about Multiplayer

Uses a new engine.

The game has realistic, beautiful and huge maps, full of incredible visual effects, especially the smoke and fog that accumulate and dominate the scene after an intense shooting.

Realistic mode catches the eye.

This new game option removes almost all of the HUD elements from the screen, even the classic damage markers and death notifications. It is not for everyone, but we tested it on the night map equipped with NVGs and the results were intense, verging on a horror survival game.

Staying “in a corner” gives you limited coverage against invading frontline players.

Stopping near a corner or on a ledge will cause the R3 to appear on the screen, allowing you to lower yourself a little and reduce your visibility. When leaning against a corner, you can use the right stick to peek a bit and find new targets with (relative) security.

Doors are more interesting than you think.

I know … they are doors. But Infinity Ward has spent a long time refining these pedestrian portals. You can open doors in a variety of ways – by running or sliding through them, opening them carefully or using explosives – each way has a tactical advantage. They are also useful for audio signals, helping to track the enemy’s movement across the map.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare |  22 things you need to know about Multiplayer

“The Tactical Race” allows for a short speed boost.

Also called a “supercurrent”, this new maneuver allows you to move across terrain more quickly, but suffers a reduction in speed in your aim if you encounter an enemy. Use when double-clicking on L3. Your run is not infinite, and is only extended through Perks.

The audio design is cutting edge.

Using sophisticated new audio processing techniques, which I have never heard of before (I understand the “raytracing” reference), Modern Warfare places great emphasis on immersing audio. The sound of the gun’s shot with realistic reverberations, the doppler effect in full motion, and…

The Killstreaks they are back.

Do I need to say more?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare |  22 things you need to know about Multiplayer

Many modifications to your weapon will slow your aim.

Each weapon supports up to five modifiers, including specific Perks for each of them, so it’s tempting to put everything in your M4 and go into battle, but take it easy: overloading your weapon and increasing its weight slows down the targeting speed, and sometimes it even impacts your movement speed, creating a disadvantage in relation to faster enemies. Be smart and equip only what you need!

The open beta will be giant.


Yes, the wristwatch shows real time.

It’s true, we checked.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be released on October 25 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.