Activision has revealed these figures for the first year on sale of Call of Duty Modern Warfare are the highest in the history of Call of Duty.

The Call of Duty franchise has a lot of history behind him, despite his successes and failures, Activision has always been at the foot of the canyon with the games since the first title of the saga COD -Call of Duty- eponymous title landed in PC, Xbox and PlayStationIn addition to that console that very few people will be able to remember: N-Gage.

Therefore, Regardless of whether the game saga is to your liking or notAdmittedly, he has an excellent track record. And the same could be said of the last installment, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, before Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War goes on sale in November, since it has been a huge success for Activision; And, although they have not shown exact numbers, the company has revealed that sales during the first year of Modern warfare They are the highest in the Call of Duty story.

In the classic investor call, the president and chief operating officer Daniel Alegre has stated and even announced that, compared to its previous title (Black Ops 4), the “Modern Warfare universe“-assuming it also includes Call of Duty Warzone- has approximately up to 7 times more hours played.

Modern Warfare and Warzone they have seen more than 3 times more players than their previous title last year and growth in and out of traditional regions. Console gamers grew a lot and the monthly ones multiplied by 10 year after year on PC. By platforms, the number of hours played in the Modern Warfare universe was approximately 7 times year after year compared to the previous title, “it said. Daniel Alegre.

“We have also seen substantial year-over-year growth in the Warzone premium sales where players chose to improve their Call of Duty experience. Sales during the first year of Modern warfare were the highest in the COD history with two-thirds of copies sold digitally and rooted growth in the in-game sales system, with PCs and consoles having bookings four times the year before. “

The Warzone – Black Ops Cold War integration will be in December, but don’t expect big changes until 2021

Warzone is free, part of Modern warfare Y Black Ops 4 did not have a free system with modalities / versions, although kneading 7 times of hours of play than the previous one is not easy to fulfill.

Source: MP1st