Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Mini-Preview.

Tjeerd was at Call of Duty XP in LA last week and was able to play the Remaster of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare there. Despite it being a short play session, he would like to share this experience in the form of a mini preview.

What is it?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is the -goh- remastered version of the fourth Call of Duty; the classic of the series. That means that the game gets a completely new look, with new textures, improved animations, dynamic lighting, and remastered sound. In principle, nothing changes to the gameplay, only audiovisual is therefore a new look.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Mini-Preview

Why is it fat?

Uhm, have you got a minute? Modern Warfare is a hell of a shooter in a lot of ways. Firstly, the campaign, which is full of iconic moments, from the Nuke dropping while in the chopper, boarding a ship in the pouring rain in Crew Expendable, to the nerve-racking All Ghillied Up, starring Chernobyl, the ‘death’ of Zakhaev and eventually One Shot One Kill. The pacing is perfect in this campaign and has a great atmosphere. And then you have the multiplayer, which may not have revolutionized the genre, but came damn close to perfection with fantastic maps and impactful gameplay. The new juicy graphics have been nicely polished, and the improved sound supports that perfectly. Of course, nostalgia also plays an important role in the appeal, but don’t discount the sheer power of this game, because the hectic and twitchy gameplay of the last Call of Duty’s makes this almost ten-year-old game even feel like a breath of fresh air. .

Why isn’t it fat?

Even though Modern Warfare is a classic, it’s not the perfect game. The killstreaks are fairly unbalanced, the perks Last Stand, Martyrdom and 3 frags used to be quite annoying, and that hasn’t gotten any less. The graphics have been polished, but unfortunately they don’t match what we can do these days, and the improved sound occasionally drops. For example, the Desert Eagle sounded like a crazy gag shooter. But the most important thing is of course that it cannot be purchased separately! Man, do it normally, you want to let everyone play this anyway… Why does that have to be so mandatory with another game? I might get it slightly from a commercial point of view, because you don’t want to kill Infinite Warfare, but then release it half a year later or something.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Mini-Preview

When should you keep an eye on him?

If you like shooters, and haven’t played MW1 yet, you should definitely keep an eye out for this one. If you’ve played MW1 and you liked it, keep an eye on it too. If you are not interested in Infinite Warfare, I would keep an eye on when they finally announce that you can also buy it separately, because that will undoubtedly happen, although you will have to wait for it.