War is a dirty business that we all condemn – paradoxically, but also to some extent celebrated in video games. We shouldn’t laugh at ourselves. It is the well-known wall between reality and play that protects us from being overwhelmed by what is shown, even when we look at photos of a collapsed Picadilly Circus, a sober and at least eerie mixture of fun and d excitement can feel virtual pain.

The campaign of the new Modern Warfare is once again able to punch a hole in this wall, at least a small one, the reason for which can be argued for a long time. Infinity Ward celebrates “the goal justifies the means” – and “we do it and we get our hands dirty to keep the world clean” by thinking of the “war on terror”, which has been normalized for most of the time. adult life by much of the target group? Or is it just honest, disarming and ultimately useful to put the player in situations where, for example, they have the choice of torturing a terrorist?

  Skelattack - review

My online test, which is the second and final part of this review, is still in full swing. What I can already say: The game has played out without major issues so far, and I still really like Gunfight mode (although with these small maps sniper rifles are allowed to fly off-rotation as it is so hard to stop with these short rounds I will lose more words the rest of the week when you read my final verdict on the game and how it was placed in our ranking system.

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