Call of Duty swatter will go to jail for 20 years.

A killer gets his comeuppance, SEGA announces way too many Olympics games and Valve teases a new VR headset. All this and more in the WKNDW8 of March 31, 2019!

Call of Duty swatter gets 20 years in prison

In 2017, two gamers got into trouble when they disagreed on a $ 1 50 bet in Call of Duty: WWII. One of the two men, Tyler Barriss, thought it was a good idea to call 911 and report that there was a “hostage situation” going on at the other man’s address, prompting a SWAT team. sent.

Call of Duty swatter will go to jail for 20 years

That in itself is stupid, of course, but what’s more horrible is that Tyler gave the wrong address – that of an innocent father of two who had nothing to do with the conflict. When this unsuspecting man then opened the door to the SWAT team, he was shot dead without mercy.

A horrible story, but today we got a little bit of good news: Tyler Barriss, the 26-year-old cowardly monster who made the call is going to jail for 20 years for “51 fake calls and threats”.

Call of Duty swatter will go to jail for 20 years

SEGA announces no less than 4 2020 Olympic Games games

… Well, after that horrible news, let’s go back to some more normal news. SEGA yesterday announced a handful of new games for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but if the Guard is very fair, he thinks they all look quite similar. These are “Olympic Games: The Official Video Game”, “Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games”, “Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Arcade Edition” and “Sonic at the Olympic Games”. The latter is for iOS and therefore lacks all Mario characters. Look for the differences:

Valve teases a VR headset

“Upgrade your experience – May 2019”. Um … ok. We don’t get more than that and a picture of the bottom of the headset that matters. The headset will thus be called the “Valve Index” and appears to have inside-out tracking – due to cameras on the headset itself, you may no longer have to use separate trackers. De Wacht is curious what the rest of the specs are and what else Valve has in store … Could those rumors about Half-Life VR be based on something after all?

Call of Duty swatter will go to jail for 20 years

SEGA Genesis Mini announced

After the wild success of Nintendo’s Mini consoles (and a disappointing PS1 throwback), it’s now SEGA’s turn. The SEGA Genesis Mini contains no less than 40 “legendary” games, 10 of which are already known:

– Ecco the Dolphin
– Castlevania Bloodlines
– Space Harrier II
– Shining Force
– Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
– ToeJam & Earl
– Comix Zone
– Sonic the Hedgehog
– Altered Beast
– Gunstar Heroes

Call of Duty swatter will go to jail for 20 years

So far not bad! In addition to a mini version of the Genesis, you also get two controllers and a bunch of cables. Will you pick one up when it hits stores this September? The Guard is still waiting for the other 30 games.

Drive Club servers will be offline soon

Or well, soon … March 2020 is the day. Then the servers for Driveclub, Driveclub VR and Driveclub Bikes are all taken offline. The games will of course still be playable offline, but no more multiplayer functions such as leaderboards and multiplayer tour. Unfortunately!

Risk of Rain 2 Early Access Launch Trailer

The Guard put the necessary hours into the first part and immediately rushed to Steam when he heard that part 2 was for sale. Even better: If you buy it now you will receive a second key for free to give to a buddy!

Call of Duty swatter will go to jail for 20 years

Heave Ho – Reveal Trailer

Another trailer! This one cannot be played at the moment. Somewhere this summer you can get started on PC and Switch with the bizarre pendulum simulator.

That was him again for this WeekendWacht. Later!