Call of Duty Warzone and cross-play: why is it possible to deactivate it only on Playstation 4?.

A few days ago we told you how the players of Call of Duty on consoles had started to disable cross-play to escape the wave of cheaters that invaded the PC version of Modern war and of Warzone. Unfortunately, it turns out that not all console gamers have this option.

Apparently, disabling cross play is an option that only the PS4 versions of Call of Duty: Warzone despite the FAQs of Activision suggest that it can be done anywhere. The thing is weird, given that in fact in Modern Warfare it can be done without a hitch on any platform.
Instead, Call of Duty’s standalone battle royale works differently: by disabling cross play in game settings, the PC and Xbox One versions force the user to re-enable it, excluding access to matchmaking. The PS4 version of Warzone also encourages enabling cross-reading, but if you choose to disable it, you can continue playing without any issues.
Xbox One gamers have tried to fix it in every way they can, including using the console’s system options. Unfortunately, even with this block enabled and cross play enabled (to “trick” Warzone), the matchmaking will simply be endless and will not get you to any games. Some players claim to have successfully entered the game with this gadget, but this are very rare cases.

How do you explain all of this? Why should crossplay be considered mandatory in Warzone, except on PS4? There are many theories about this, but we can try to make it logically.
First of all, from a classical point of view, it is natural to want to activate cross-play: this allows all the players in possession of the title to face each other, which results in a very large audience and waiting times for reduced matchmaking. With the exception of the aforementioned case of hackers and PC cheaters, there are no flaws in cross play and there is a good reason to keep it active in every game.
As for the possibility of easily deactivating it on PS4, it most likely depends on the thinking of Sony on cross play. Not long ago, Sony was very reluctant to enable cross-play with Xbox One and Switch. It took years and many developer requests before we saw this feature built into cross-platform titles.
The first cross-play game that also included the PS4 was Fortnite, but also taking advantage of the popularity of the title, it took a lot of insistence, before activating it. In all likelihood, Sony has yet to embrace 100% cross-gaming and that’s why its version of Warzone lets you turn it off. Possible? Who can say that?

Call of Duty Warzone and cross-play: why is it possible to deactivate it only on Playstation 4?

What do you think? Have you encountered any difficulties with Warzone cross play, such as unpleasant encounters with cheaters on PC?
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Call of Duty Warzone and cross-play: why is it possible to deactivate it only on Playstation 4?