Call of Duty WWII: All Kill Streaks.

Call of Duty WWII comes to the market today and with it a lot of new information. Today we are going to tell you all casualty streaks what can you find in Call of Duty WWII, making a review of all streaks what’s in the game, its function, and the points it costs to get it

These are all Call of Duty WWII kill streaks

With a streak system very similar to the one I had Black Ops 3, SledgeHammer Games moves away from the system they created to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (also developed by them). This way, players will be able to select kill streaks for each class we create.

Call of Duty WWII: All Kill Streaks

Call of Duty WWII kill streak list:

  • Molotov ___tail (300 points): As you know, it is an incendiary device with which you can do a lot of damage to our enemies.
  • Reconnaissance aircraft (UAV) (500 points): Couldn’t miss this classic streak of Call of duty, thanks to which you can reveal the location of enemies in the mini map.
  • Counter-reconnaissance aircraft (525 points): Another classic streak of the saga, with which you can neutralize enemy reconnaissance aircraft. This time, you can keep watching our radar, only that your recognition streaks will be neutralized.
  • Help package (575 points): The classic help package that includes a kill streak inside.
  • Fighter pilot (625 points): A air attack sweeping a specific area of ​​the map. With it you can shoot the enemies yourself to shoot them down.
  • Glider Bomb (650 points): A pump that we can control remotely to raze some part of the map.
  • Flamethrower (700 points): A portable flamethrower that we will have the possibility to use for a certain time. In fact, if they kill us, we can keep using it until the fuel runs out.
  • Mortar Attack (750 points): A mortar that we can fire up to three times to reach three different locations.
  • Artillery Barrage (850 points): Streak that allows bomb a certain area of ​​the map for a limited time.
  • Anti-Aircraft Guns (950 points): Streak that Destroy and block all enemy air streaks.
  • Emergency Launch (1000 points): We have seen it in other games in the saga Call of Duty, for example Modern warfare 3. It is similar to the aid package, only instead of launching one package, the plane launches 3.
  • Bombardment Incendiary Attack (1050 points): We can request a plane that sets fire to an area of ​​the map to scorch enemies.
  • Paratroopers (1250 points): Streak that allows us to call in reinforcements that will come in parachute to help us in battle.
  • Saturation Bomber (1400 points): Air bomber doing three passes over enemy territory.
  • Spherical Turret Gunner (1700 points): We can climb aboard the turret of a B-17G and attack enemies from the air for a while.
  • V2 Rockets (Nuclear Bomb): The latest streak of Call of Duty: WWII. To obtain it, we will have to eliminate 25 enemies with our weapon (without dying). We explain how to unlock it here. Once dropped, the bomb kills all enemies and the game comes to an end.

What do you think? Do you like the streaks of the new Call of Duty WWII?