Paradox Interactive has revealed a new faction that players can join or oppose in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2: The Camarilla. Seattle’s Kindred factions are groups of vampires with their own motives and goals, all vying for control of the city. Some are just getting started, while others have a long history. Whoever successfully wrests control from others determines the future of The Emerald City.

Read on to learn more about this faction, or check out the Stronghold and unique Camarilla poster here.

“Contrary to what you may think, I like having enemies. It keeps me…cautious; keeps me creative. There is no future for self-righteous leaders.” —Alec Cross

Seattle is the place for the lucrative tech industry and business, from which the Camarilla certainly reap the benefits. Led by Prince Cross, this faction has spent the last 20 years helping this community and bringing the city’s financial success into the 21st century. The Camarilla are deeply rooted in Seattle’s business community; its members include CEOs, software moguls, bankers, venture capitalists, politicians and other members of the social elite. This Kindred faction influences the city not only from the dark streets, but also from the boardrooms in high skyscrapers.

This is due in part to Prince Cross’ balanced leadership, business acumen and organizational strengths. The Prince is good at making important alliances, but also how much power he can give to vampires without them rebelling. A leader who prefers negotiation and strategy over brute force and violence. His political policies revolve around stability, prosperity and stopping the Masquerade.

Right now, keeping the peace is most important to Prince Cross and the Camarilla. Though other Kindred communities in other cities have suffered over the past decade, he has helped Seattle’s vampires. If he can keep this up and gain an even bigger foothold in the city’s power structure, he might be able to draw the attention of the elders at the top of the Camarilla.

Defining features
· Power players – Few cities have a vampire elite as wealthy as Seattle. In these refined groups, the control you bought shows your true value.
· The ivory tower – Seattle’s Camarilla is caught up in a vicious political dance rarely found outside the Quote 500: Your superiors’ words are law; the wishes of your subordinates are nothing.
· The Long Game – After 20 years at the top, every member of the faction is still very aware that they are the city’s number one target. So far they have managed to do everything they can to stay one step ahead, by remaining careful and never tolerating mistakes between them.