If you thought that the US market was already saturated and with no room for improvement for Apple, here comes Canalys to contradict you with their estimates. According to the calculations of this company, the iPhone had a record quarter of sales in the United States with approximately 15 million units shipped.

The iPhone market share would have risen 40.8% in the third quarter of 2019 to a fantastic 47.1% during the third quarter of the current year. That means that nearly half of Americans who own a smartphone use an iPhone. This percentage has never been higher. Behind are Samsung with a 23.2% share and LG with an 11% share.

The market for smartphones falls but shows signs of health

The source claims that those responsible for this increase in sales are the iPhone 11, which would have sold 15% more units than last year’s iPhone XR; and the iPhone SE with its economic price that would have conquered those who were looking for something cheaper within the Apple ecosystem. In fact, the estimated median price of all smartphones sold is $ 500. Very close to the prices of the iPhone SE.

At a general level, as reflected by MacRumors, total smartphone sales are down 5% compared to the same quarter of last year. The pandemic has left its effects, although the 11% increase in sales compared to the previous quarter already indicates a certain recovery. Remember: we are always talking about estimated and unofficial figures, and located in the US market.