CapcomDecember Day 3 – Dead Rising.

We went from the liveliest and most classic Capcom to a more modern… so to speak, Capcom. Dead Rising is a sandbox saga in which we control a survivor of a zombie apocalypse in a mall infested with hundreds of dead people who must make his way through rescue missions for victims or rations in less than a week to survive this hell. At the same time, apart from the zombies, our protagonist must deal with various psychopaths who take advantage of this bad time to unleash his madness.

Dead Rising for me… is a somewhat conflicting saga, mainly because I don’t fully understand its intention. It has a serious touch and more typical of a horror game, like zombies or psychopaths, showing hard or atrocious parts, but at the same time we can go dressed as one of the Servbots from Megaman Legends while we ride a tricycle with two chainsaws or keep the starting pissing in the toilets. This disturbs me a lot personally, because I don’t understand if I should really laugh with this game or if I should take it more seriously, I don’t know what is the focus for which I should play it…

Especially since some of the most serious and hard moments, such as the introductions or the deaths of some psychopaths, seem quite good to me in some situations, showing how Machiavellian and dark the human mind can be on some occasions. These very good moments are spoiled in my opinion by nonsense that doesn’t make much sense and clashes too much with each other and is too different.

CapcomDecember Day 3 – Dead Rising

But hey, let’s leave my personal dramas to talk about the games, are you okay? Personally, I’ve only been able to play Dead Rising 2 and, well, it was fun, that’s for sure. Although due to the amount of elements that the game had to support, its loading screens seemed endless to me, when I got to play it, it was simply fun. Most of all, I liked to goof around, grabbing the most ridiculous objects possible and using them to finish off any George Romero being I came across along the way.

In that sense, I think Dead Rising 2 is a great game. The world gives you enough freedom, but at the same time, it confines you in a limited enough space so that you can explore the area and use all the possible objects that you come across without having to walk too far or without having all the things almost at hand. Two steps. It is brilliantly designed and thanks to the idea that we are in the middle of a shopping center, we can use a large number of gadgets without having to move too much. Dead Rising 2 is a great game to do silly and crazy things.

CapcomDecember Day 3 – Dead Rising

But when it comes to quests… Eeeeh… When I said that Dead Rising gave me mixed feelings, it wasn’t just because of the above. In my opinion, the missions in Dead Rising are somewhat bad. A lot of it I suppose is because there is a constant timer in the game, which yes, it adds difficulty, but I am the kind of person that in a game like this, with an open world and with many things to do, it overwhelms him a lot that he add a mandatory limit. And it’s not that I start doing things unrelated to the main story, no, simply, it’s that they suffocate me and take away that feeling of freedom.

Regarding the missions themselves, there are some that are not bad, but I hate a good number of them, especially those that ask me to take care of some allies controlled by the AI ​​and that are quite idiotic. The bosses, although many of them only differ by their attacks, there are a couple of them with a context and a way of killing them radically opposite to that of some of the others. Of course, sometimes fighting against them can become very boring and tedious or too easy. The game’s melee mechanics aren’t particularly good, so it’s not much fun to get into a fight with someone who sometimes has faster and more powerful attacks, but if you choose an item a little more powerful than normal , you can kill the boss in a matter of seconds.

CapcomDecember Day 3 – Dead Rising

The presentation, the story or the sound, all can be included in the “Well okay, it’s not bad, but I’ve seen better”, except for the aforementioned psychopaths in the story section, I like these guys a lot in general and I They make you feel very uncomfortable in some situations. The main plot arc doesn’t seem bad to me, but it doesn’t seem like something to spend too much time on either, if that, I would say that it left me a little cold and without much interest in knowing more about it… And the main characters, well, the The protagonist’s daughter seems to me to be well written in general, the other characters, eh, I’m not too enthusiastic, but they don’t seem bad or wasted either, it’s just that they can’t compete with the charisma that the villains have.

The graphics are nothing to write home about, but the game has hundreds of undead on the screen, so I’m not going to blame it too much either, at least it already gets something better than many Musou games and the sound in general is very forgettable but it complies his job most of the time.

CapcomDecember Day 3 – Dead Rising

In general, I think that the game is quite good, but at the same time it has some bugs that prevent me from enjoying it one hundred percent, although all of them are completely subjective and based on my opinion, so don’t pay too much attention to me and get caught this title or its sequel if you’re interested, I’m sure most of you will like it, if only a little.

At least, I think you will like it, because it is one of the new best-selling sagas of the Japanese company and it has become a new standard on which to make profits. In other words, there are going to be many, many sequels. Now, I think the only way I could get caught up in a new installment of the saga would be if it were a spin-off with a more different approach. As is done in the almost unpronounceable name of Dead Rising 3 DLC, I would like some new game to have a Musou or Dynasty Warriors style approach rather than make it an action/sandbox/survival horror semi-game. I like to dispatch zombies to hundreds without worrying about the rest, and to many other people as well, so I also don’t see this proposition as being illogical or that Capcom won’t consider making it a reality at some point.

That yes, if they make said game, it will be a spin-off that does not have as much work or as much dedication as a main installment, although that does not matter to me, I only expect two things from this supposed game, to crush brain-seeker skulls in the ways craziest and most imaginative possible and fun, an essential feature that every video game needs to have, and that Dead Rising 2 had.

CapcomDecember Day 3 – Dead Rising