If we are looking for a case that adequately protects our iPhone 12 and at the same time goes practically unnoticed, Totallee has a very interesting offer. This company specializes in covers designed with minimalism in mind, covers that are almost invisible.

One of the thinnest covers on the market

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Many of us appreciate how an iPhone looks without a case. Its design, materials, thickness, weight, texture are worthy of being discovered to be appreciated and enjoyed, and at the same time in many cases it is necessary to give a certain degree of protection to the phone. In this Totallee stands out.

The covers of the new iPhone 12, as this brand is accustomed to us, do not have any logo or sign of any kind. With a thickness of half a millimeter and a weight that does not reach three grams, the case is able to protect the iPhone very effectively, for example thanks to the burr around the body of the cameras. Due to its reduced thickness, the cover allows us to use MagSafe without having to remove it.

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Regarding materials and finishes, Totallee offers us two options. First of all we find the matte finish covers that come in various colors: white, black, blue and green. Even in the case of the white variant the frosted glass effect is enough to hide the apple logo on the back of the iPhone.

If we want it to go out to shine the color of the iPhone we can opt for the translucent variant, which does not add any color. This variant is very slightly thicker than the other and includes a protection for the buttons, while the previous one only has the openings for us to press them directly.

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At the level of resistance and protection, it must be said that Totallee covers are not designed to withstand or protect against large blows. Since they are very thin covers they are designed to avoid scratches, small dents, etc. Of course they would do their part if the phone received a strong blow, but if this is a situation that we foresee we should consider other more robust alternatives, although with a very different aesthetic.

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It is clear that on issues of covers there will be opinions for all tastes. Personally, with an appreciation for the iPhone’s own design, I have always leaned towards transparent cases. A case that you put because you want to protect the phone, but that you practically do not want to put on, that is where the Totallee brand comes into play.

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