We never tire of saying it because the facts back it up. CD Projekt RED has launched Cyberpunk 2077 before an expectation on the part of the community rarely seen. So much so that the eight million bookings and the record for simultaneous players on Steam speak for themselves.

Thanks to the information revealed by GamesIndustry.biz, we have learned that the Polish studio has suffered a sharp decline in its share price. 29%, specifically, from 443 Polish złoty on December 4 to 313.9 today.

One of the reasons for this fall can be attributed to the numerous bugs, errors and glitches that have been reported from social media as of its launch. A release that has not slowed down this decline, since on December 10 they fell 7.3%, marking a negative peak of 7.8% that day, to a value of 360 Polish złoty.

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Development and marketing costs covered

On the other hand, the good news also reaches the developer’s offices. In the latest financial report it was reported that earnings from pre-order sales of Cyberpunk 2077 through digital distribution channels they have already exceeded the total development and marketing costs of the game.

In short, the science fiction work already is profitable from day one. A madness that has rarely been seen in the industry, especially considering the high production costs of video games today.

The future plans of Cyberpunk 2077 they do not stop. In the recent launch trailer we have seen a hidden message about the future of free DLC for the game. As we wait patiently for the arrival of the multiplayer section.

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