Cecotec has just announced the launch of the Bongo S Series Unlimited, your new high-end electric scooter. It is a device with a maximum power of 750W which, according to the company, has a range of up to 45 kilometers. Its current price is 549 euros, which makes it one of the more expensive models, only below the Z and Outsider series.

One of the most interesting implementations of the device is the tubeless tires (tubeless) since, a priori, these tires have greater resistance to blowouts and punctures. In terms of safety, the Valencian company has opted for a double disc braking system and a bamboo wood plank that seeks to improve stability. Presentations made, let’s get to know him better.

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Dual brake system and tubeless tires

The new Bongo Series S Unlimited is manufactured in a aluminum and magnesium alloy which, according to the manufacturer, helps to make it lighter and more resistant. It also has an XL bamboo curved board with the purpose of increasing the stability of the scooter while riding. At the handlebars, the company has set up an “on-board computer” which will display the speed, the kilometers, the battery as well as the state and the configuration of the scooter.

As for the power, Cecotec makes sure that it has a maximum power of 750W and a rated power of 350W, so it is designed for urban use. The engine has been placed at the rear of the aircraft, so that it has rear-wheel drive. The battery is removable and although the company has not revealed its capacity just yet, it claims that maximum battery life is 45 kilometers. The maximum speed it can reach is 25 km / h.

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Bongo 3

Like all electric scooters, speed and range will largely depend on the chosen driving mode. The Bongo Series S Unlimited offers three: eco, comfort and sport. The first is slower and offers more autonomy; Comfort is a balanced mode and sport allows us to reach maximum speed knowing that this will reduce the maximum range we can achieve.

Cecotec opted for ten inch tubeless tires. This type of tire, explains the Valencian firm, has a anti-burst and anti-puncture system, something typical in this type of tubeless wheels. They will brake thanks to a double system that combines a front disc brake and a rear brake.

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Bongo S Series Unlimited versions and prices

The Bongo S Series Unlimited can be purchased now from the Cecotec website. It is only available in black and its price is 549 euros. It therefore remains above the A Series, but below the Z Series and the Outsider DemiGod.

Source : Engadget