Censorship in the video game in 10 titles.

Censorship in the world at the cultural level has never ceased to exist to a greater or lesser extent, both imposed and self-imposed for fear of social reprisals. From the initial censorship of textbooks for being contrary to the dogma imposed in that paradigm of the time, until today with different cultural phenomena, as well as in the world of video games, which more than once has had a run-in with this “Judge” of the ethical and moral. This ranking is subject to the subjectivity of the reader and his way of seeing the world.


This game, released in 1990 for the NES, put you in the shoes of an omnipresent executioner. The purpose of the game is to kill the victims in each room in the fastest and bloodiest way possible. The sheer amount of gore and explicit torture sequences came under fire. It was censored in the US.

Censorship in the video game in 10 titles


The video game was released in 1997, it is based on a 1975 movie called “Death Race 2000”. The main mission was to finish the car race with the highest possible number of points, points could be achieved in different ways, such as running over pedestrians, causing numerous damage to furniture, etc. The fact of running over pedestrians generated a great controversy, due to the harshness of the images, and above all because of how shocking it was to see the driver’s face, thanks to a camera inside the car, which caused great realism. To such an extent that it had to be replaced in some countries by deaths of zombies that emanated green blood, or as in Germany, where they were exchanged for robots.

Censorship in the video game in 10 titles

3-MANHUNT 1 and 2

Video game par excellence subject to censorship, both the first and the second part. Launched in 2003 and 2008 respectively. In the United Kingdom, specifically the body that decides the age classification (BBFC), completely rejected the second part of this video game, due to its extreme violence, considering it too free and heinous, even for adults. He also had several legal problems because a young man committed a murder allegedly by “influence” of the game. The story introduces you into the skin of a convict who had supposedly been sentenced to lethal injection, but was actually sedated. Through a headset someone called “The Director” gives you orders in order to achieve freedom.

Censorship in the video game in 10 titles


Released in 2004. The premise of the video game is a complete recreation of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. The purpose they sought was to support the guilt of the murderer Lee Harvey Oswald. It had such a number of political criticism that the website had to close the following year.

Censorship in the video game in 10 titles


From the year 2007, the object of the censorship is nothing more and less than the amount of blood that arose due to dismemberment and different situations in the game. The video game was released censored in both Europe and Japan, where they did not limit themselves to banning the game, they simply lowered the level of violence by substituting ash for blood.


Censorship in the video game in 10 titles

Released in 2008, the victim of censorship in Australia. They described it as extremely violent by banning its sale and calling on Konami to lower its level of violence for future commercialization.


Year 2013. The reason for censorship in this video game is focused on one of the weapons that can be used in the video game, the probe. It was completely censored in Australia. Prohibiting the commercialization of it. The use of the weapon consists of penetrating the enemy from behind, lifting him off the ground and then shooting him through the air. According to the Australian justice this is a sign of sexual violence.

Censorship in the video game in 10 titles


Launched in 2013. Once again Australia in the focus of controversy. More than 48,000 signatures on Change.org called for the removal of this video game from Target supermarkets for promoting violence against women. Although the withdrawal was achieved from the beginning, currently it can be easily achieved within the country.


The video game was released in 2015. In Japan many of the most violent scenes were censored and replaced by a black screen. Not showing any deaths, just listening to the sound of the scene. Many users began to realize this situation, transferring their complaints to the Nippon government. The scenes can be easily found on the net.

Censorship in the video game in 10 titles


Year 2015. The numerous nude sequences in this popular saga, is not surprising to many. But again in Japan they have been censored in different ways, such as adding bras to scenes: