CES 2017 – which is interesting for the gamer eye.

At CES, of course, not only are the various manufacturers unveiling gamer stuff, but we’ve now collected some announcements about products specifically for gamers.

Also at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, a lot of interesting gadgets, including mobiles, TVs, smart combs, were presented by various manufacturers. You can find the important tech announcements on PC World, we have now put together the gamer gadgets and laptops that have been announced so far so you know what to expect in the next (few) years. The list is constantly being updated with new announcements.

CES 2017 – which is interesting for the gamer eye

Lenovo attacks Gamer with laptops and VR goggles

Lenovo also made two segments of interest for gamers at its presentation in Las Vegas: a prototype of one of its own VR goggles using the Microsoft platform, which, while not yet operational, promises pretty good image quality with a high-resolution display. Skeptics are also unlikely to be persuaded by the fact that no motion-sensing controller is manufactured and no external sensor is used for head tracking, but the concept still seems interesting.

On the other hand, a new gamer brand called Legion has been unveiled, most notably the release of a range of new gamer laptops under that name.

CES 2017 – which is interesting for the gamer eye

Roccat has brought pressure-sensitive keys and new mice

One of the best European gamer peripherals companies has come up with three new mice using the new Owl-Eye sensor. It’s capable of up to 12,000 DPI sensitivity, but it’s not proud of it, but because it can track our movements with virtually no delay or inaccuracy. On the other hand, Roccat has also introduced a new keyboard, some of whose keys (WASD, Q and E) also detect the strength of the pressure, so they can even be used as analog controls.

Asus has shown what the first Steam Machines should have been like

Asus ’biggest launch this year was the VivoPC X, a computer comparable in size to consoles and offering very serious performance. Equipped with an Intel Kaby Lake i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 1060, the machine claims to be a VR-ready configuration, but it is not top notch in this regard.

CES 2017 – which is interesting for the gamer eye

Asus has created the real gamer microphone

The ASUS ROG Strix Magnus is probably the roughest gamer microphone we’ve ever seen. Chilean LEDs, brutal housing and studio quality sound recording. It can be a perfect companion for streaming professional players.

Checking out the new #ROG Strix Magnus microphone at # CES2017. What do you think?

CES 2017 – which is interesting for the gamer eye

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Brutal laptops and peripherals from Asus

The 2017 laptops in the Asus ROG product line all showcase the pinnacle of Intel’s 7th generation. Supported by a brutal water-cooled system, the GX800VH drives out the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and unpacks frames at an amazing speed on the 18-inch panel.

Both the GL753 and GL553 with a seventh-generation i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti / 1050 cards also run the latest games with ease.

CES 2017 – which is interesting for the gamer eye

Not only with laptops, but even with a router specifically designed for gamers called the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300, Asus amplifies. The very weird-looking stuff, in addition to plenty enough to meet the networking needs of the whole family, even got its own PC-grade 1.8GHz quad-core CPU to serve flawless network gaming.

The ROG family has welcomed several new mice, such as the Gladius II, designed specifically for FPS gamers, and the GX970, with a detachable side panel.

Acer has also brought many gamer laptops and eye-tracking monitors

Instead of the 4K trend, Acer has gone for image refresh with three new monitors, one capable of 200 and the other of 240 Hz, although in return they only know 1080p resolution. Another special feature of the 21: 9 aspect ratio curved Z301CT is that it has built-in Tobii eye-tracking technology, although it is still available in quite a few games.

CES 2017 – which is interesting for the gamer eye

The Taiwanese manufacturer fell in love with the curved displays that he even built a laptop monster that will soon be on store shelves with a curved monitor. But a slightly more modest configuration, but also designed for gamers, has been introduced in both the desktop and portable categories.

Nvidia is made with entry-level cards and surprises

It wasn’t just because of the Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer that it was worth taking a look at Nvidia’s performance, as the company also came up with some interesting surprises. The mobile versions of the GTX 1050 were introduced as a much more predictable development than this, and they also returned to their previous project, the idea of ​​game streaming, as they not only unveiled GeForce Now, but also released a new streaming device. The latest version of the Shield TV comes with 4K and HDR support and voice control, plus it has roughly three times as much computing power as any other streamer box on the market.

Somewhat related is the fact that the GeForce Experience will be updated next week with the ability to stream to Facebook.

Both Dell and Samsung are entering the competition for gamer laptops

The 1050 video cards mentioned above can also be found in Dell’s new Inspiron 14 and 15 models. These laptops basically meet the needs of gamers looking for a compromise between price and performance, unlike the manufacturer’s premium brand, Alienware’s new models, which have been updated with brand new Kaby Lake CPUs.

CES 2017 – which is interesting for the gamer eye

And when it comes to laptops, we have to mention Samsung’s latest venture, which releases a portable gamer PC for the first time. The models, dubbed the Odyssey, will also come in 15- and 17-inch versions, but the first reports aren’t too flattering about them. In addition to the minimally questionable exterior design, the plastic exterior cover didn’t make the best impression on anyone who saw the machine, but it’s not a huge disaster. In terms of ventilation, for example, Odyssey machines look pretty good and aren’t even particularly expensive in the gamer category compared to the quad-core Kaby Lake proc, even with lots of RAM and a larger SSD.

We got this instead of the HTC Vive 2

According to an earlier HTC press release, we didn’t see a new headset on display, but two interesting accessories were also unveiled. The new headband replicates some of the best of the competition, with a built-in headset like the Oculus fold-out headphones, eliminating the need for a separate audio device and a more rugged strap like PSVR.

The other way to use the widget, Vive Tracker, will have to be found by third-party developers, but the idea that it could be a motion-sensing controller from almost anything sounds pretty good. Prototypes on display in Las Vegas, for example, come up with ideas like gloves followed by Vive’s infrared technology, or just a VR baseball bat.

CES 2017 – which is interesting for the gamer eye

Staying with VR peripherals – while it has nothing to do with HTC – we can’t go without a word about Cerevo’s Taclim, which is a shoe used in VR. This tool is not only good for commanding kicking movements with an actual kick, for example, but also sends tactile feedback on what surface you are on, for example.

The HyperX gamer is expanding

Kingston’s gamer brand, HyperX, has been expanded with new peripherals: the new edition of the high-end Revolver, the introduction of mechanical Alloy keyboards, and the launch of the Pulsefire mouse. The latter, on the other hand, are more aimed at the entry level among gamer peripherals.

Logitech is attacking with high-end tabs and entry-level mice

Logitech, which covers almost the entire market, has introduced two new pieces of hardware, such as further expanding its entry-level Prodigy series. The new 203 mouse continues to represent Logitech quality, but its exterior design is much more spartan than the more expensive models. Despite the fact that the G533 is the best new Logitech headset, in this case, the company did not think beyond the design. The 7.1 wireless headset is reportedly producing much better sound quality than we’ve been accustomed to with gamer peripherals, but the disadvantage of the USB receiver accessory is that it’s only compatible with PCs.

The Razer chases dreams

Razer, the number one messenger of gamer lifestyle, the Razer, which also makes glasses and coasters with RGB lighting, has arrived at this year’s CES with two ambitious concepts that are still the subject of a distant future. Project Valerie’s crazy idea is to squeeze a set of 3-screen, 12K monitors into a laptop. The self-opening displays on the electric arms are still in a pretty rudimentary state, so they haven’t even revealed the specifications for the necessary PCs.

And also looking sci-fi, Project Ariana is a 4K projector whose goal is to turn our room almost completely into the world of our current game. As a kind of extension to Chroma technology, it almost covers one of the walls of the apartment, with a 155-degree fisheye lens and two depth-sensing cameras that could project onto uneven surfaces. And if you want something simpler, it also works as a mood lighting to match the game.

Mad Catz’s new mouse is a brutal rat

The Mad Catz RAT Pro X + has also been unveiled, which is a very special rodent that can be roughly reworked. You can replace the caster, the bottom, the sensors, the buttons, everything you can imagine. With this solution, you can tailor the device to your hand-held style.

Cherry offers a quieter mechanical keyboard

The MX Board Silent product line is trying to solve one of the biggest problems with gamer keyboards: sound. The only downside to mechanical keyboards is that they can be awfully loud, but Cherry swears that thanks to the microswitches solution, Board Silents are 30 percent quieter than other mechanical keyboards. By the way, this product line is absolutely minimalist, you will find only the most necessary things on the device.

Not only will the new games be tempting us to open our wallets next year, of course it is still questionable how much of the stuff just announced will be really useful.

CES 2017 – which is interesting for the gamer eye

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