Chain store websites can’t stand the onslaught of PS5 pre-orderers.

So many want to secure themselves one or more copies of the long-awaited PlayStation 5 that they have overwhelmed the websites of the big retailers. Many, on the other hand, may be disappointed because the news is so far from an extremely scarce supply.

After a long tug of war, Sony has finally revealed the release date of the PlayStation 5 (Europe has been worse off) and the price of the Blu-ray drive version and the Digital Edition. And today, pre-ordering has officially begun, but even the largest U.S. store chains – including GameStop and Best Buy – haven’t waited for the starting pistol to rumble, having already exposed the open board before. It was probably not after this that the interest grew to such an extent that the websites receiving the orders no longer prospered.

Because of this, for example, many of the customers looking to increase GameStop’s revenue have faced the disappointing message that the site has blocked them. All of this caused a great deal of confusion among them, as they might even have thought that they had committed something beyond their knowledge and intent that was causing such retaliation. Later, the message was the less aggressive “Oops, something went wrong!”. According to reports, the loading speed of a page that can only be accessed from home via VPN has dropped to a fraction.

Chain store websites can’t stand the onslaught of PS5 pre-orderers

The operation of the competitor Best Buy, which supplies only the United States, Canada and Mexico, is also flawless, where we can easily put the PlayStation 5 in the cart, where we receive an error message. At the same time, the console is currently unavailable on Amazon.

Adding to the chaos overseas, those who personally visited the nearest GameStop instead of online pre-ordering reported an alarmingly low inventory, citing workers ’claims. One hopeful customer shared with the public on Twitter that only 14 traditional and 2 digital PS5s are waiting for their new owners in the store he visits.

Chain store websites can’t stand the onslaught of PS5 pre-orderers

GameStop Employee told me their store only had 14 PS5s available for pre-order. 12 with a disc drive and 2 without a disc drive. Seems the discless version will be less common, or GameStop wasn’t enjoying the discless option …

– Cheap Gamer (@videogamedeals) September 17, 2020

Chain store websites can’t stand the onslaught of PS5 pre-orderers

A Dualshockers reporter learned that 70 percent of the total stock destined for the U.S. ends up on the shelves of that chain. Of course, there are still two months left until the official start, during which time multiples of the current quantity can arrive at the stores so that they will be able to serve the customers. Until then, however, they are forced to work with a certain number of pieces, meaning that few can take advantage of the pre-order option.

Also noteworthy in the story is the low proportion of digital consoles, which can be attributed to the fact that selling optical drive versions to stores living from video game trading is a better deal, because only then will there be a chance that fresh console owners will also buy a disc game.

Chain store websites can’t stand the onslaught of PS5 pre-orderers