Charrua Soccer brings a fresh air to games focused on sports. It has been created by Batovi Games Studio. A Uruguayan studio that was looking to move away from those soccer games with a hyper realistic simulator and focus more on the fun part of the game.

History in Charrua soccer?

Charrua Soccer has a retro appearance that makes you remember those titles that were played in arcades or first consoles.

Being a game focused on sports, as such it doesn’t have a story and it makes up for it with the different game modes it has, because despite having a retro style, it has different game modes.

Graphics and Sound

As we mentioned in the beginning, the graphics look quite retro and simple, but not outdated at all, they are very responsive.

And more than retro it seems a cartoonish style, in the older ones it finds nostalgia in the little ones they look very friendly.

As for the sound, the stadium environment sounds very real. The songs of the fans.


The Gameplay is perhaps one of its strongest points, because everything is very intuitive, with a controller or using the touch screen. Any small or large user quickly learns to use the controls.

Since it only has two buttons that are to shoot/type or pass/change and the joystick to move.

It is an extremely casual game, to be able to take it out in the super line or have a quick tournament, without so many adjustments, since we can only edit the formation, but not the players, in fact there are no changes in the game.

Each game has several settings to taste, such as the stadium, time and weather.

It has several game modes, friendly match, tournaments (for now only soccer teams and online matches come.

Conclusions of Charrua Soccer

Without a doubt, it is a game that comes to challenge everyone in the soccer category, but its tournaments and being able to play online are advantages that the others do not have.

The only problem, to say the least, is the difficulty of the CPU when playing, it is very basic and you will surely win easily but it is not configurable at the moment.

It is a very casual and entertaining game that manages to catch you if you like soccer, since it has almost all the stellar names of the national teams and it is for everyone, both adults and children, and it is also one of the few games that we really do not need an external control to improve the experience.

Enjoying this great game for the price of Apple Arcade seems like a great deal for sure.

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