FIFA 23 PS4 Cheats Career Mode

Are you looking for ways to improve the way you play FIFA 23 on PS4? In that case, you are in the right place. Here we will share some FIFA 23 PS4 Career Mode Cheats to improve your game. So keep reading to discover all the tricks!

Infinite Money Cheats

  • Press LB + RB + X + Y buttons simultaneously to get 1 million FUT coins.
  • Press R + A + X + B + Y to get extra funds for your player.
  • Press RT + LB + A + B to get 50,000 free FUT coins.
  • Press Y + RB + LB + X + A to get 250,000 FUT coins.

Cheats to Improve the Player

  • Press L + B + LB + RB + RT to increase the player’s defense.
  • Press R + B + RB + LB + RT to increase the player’s attack.
  • Press L + A + RB + LB + RT to increase the offensive play of the player.
  • Press R + Y + LB + RB + RT to upgrade the player’s stamina.

We hope that these FIFA 23 PS4 Career Mode Cheats help you improve your game. Good luck!

FIFA 23 Ps4 Career Mode Cheats: the best codes to improve your games

Are you looking to optimize your FIFA 23 matches in PS4 career mode? Then you have come to the perfect place. We present a complete list with the best codes FIFA 23 ps4 career mode cheats fine so that you improve the parameters of the game and obtain better results.

upgrade your team

We all want to get the best team and with these tricks for your career mode you will be able to improve the cast and squad of FIFA 23 for PS4:

  • Get five star players: Run this button combination to get players with five stars: LT + LB + RB + RT + Triangle.
  • Congratulations Pack: the cast will be improved if you execute these buttons: Triangle, Square, circle, x.
  • Happy Hour Package: You’ll get some extra players by hitting these buttons: X, Square, Triangle, Circle and then RT + LB + A + D + Right.

Improve player performance

Perhaps one of the most requested tricks for FIFA 23 is to improve player performance. If what you are looking for is to get much more efficient players you will have to execute these buttons: RT + LB + X + Circle + Right. This will considerably improve the performance of the players and is one of the most used and effective cheats for the version of the game in question.

Additional game modes

There are also certain cheat codes to improve the gaming experience in FIFA 23 career mode for PS4. Try these other codes to get additional experiences in the career mode of the game:

  • A player with 99 skills: execute this button combination: LT + LB + RT + RB + X + Triangle.
  • Draw 4-star players: try this combination: LB + L + X + LB + RB + Y.
  • Invincible 5 Star Players: try to press these buttons to get a 5 star invincible player: RT + LB + Circle + X + Right.

Cheats for Career Mode in FIFA 23 PS4

In FIFA 23 for PlayStation 4, the career mode offers you a lot of possibilities to set up your team and enjoy the game. To further enjoy this great game, here are some useful cheats to help you on your journey to national glory.

Make money

If you want to quickly increase your transfer budget to get great players during the season, there are a few tricks you can use:

  • Visit the transactions section of the menu: When entering this section, you will be offered the option to update it. Doing so will increase your transfer budget.
  • Buy and sell players: If you buy cheap players on the transfer market and sell them for more than the price you bought them for, you can quickly increase your budget.
  • Player rental: If you’re having trouble finding a good player (or having the budget to buy a good player), you can rent players from a team you’ve closed a deal with. This will help you get players without spending your entire budget.

get stars

If you want to increase the quality of your team, here is the key to getting high-level stars:

  • Buy promising players: If you buy promising players with good potential but still low skill level, you can improve their skill level with training and thus get high level players.
  • Use Scouting: Use scouting to discover promising players. Carefully choose the players whose stats you want to see to find true stars.
  • Scout enemy teams: Scout out rival teams to discover their outstanding players. This will help you find players for your team that are best suited to your playing system.


These cheats should help you on your adventure through the career mode of FIFA 23 for PlayStation 4. Remember, don’t rush everything, take your time to explore all the options and buy wisely. If you do it right, you’ll have a champion team sooner than you think.

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