Sonic Frontiers cheats for PS4 and PS5

The Sonic Frontiers games for PS4 and PS5 offer many possibilities among which different tricks stand out. You can now get the latest version from PlayStation Store. Here are some of the tricks you can enjoy in this great game.

activate super speed

press L1+L2+R1+R2+X+square at the same time to increase Sonic’s speed until he reaches supersonic speed.

Get 50 credits

press X, X, square, square, R1, R2, up, up to earn an additional 50 credits.

Get Sonic’s armor

press L1, L2, R1, R2, up, down, down, left, right to equip Sonic with his cybernetic armor.

Disable time limit

press L1, L2, R1, R2, left, right, down, up and the time limit will be completely disabled.


To make Sonic invincible in the heat of enemies press down, triangle, left, up, X, square.

get all items

pressing square, triangle, up, down, right, X you will get all possible objects in the game.

free camera view

If you want to have a free camera view, tap L1+R1+X+square to be able to control it from the menu that will be displayed.

all sonic logos

To get all the Sonic logos press X, X, left, square, triangle, right.

save game

To save your game, press L1+L2+R1+R2+triangle+up.

additional cheats

Here are some additional cheats in list form for you to explore on your own:

  • RXJXV: gains new abilities.
  • VIIJH: you will get all the weapons.
  • CCCHH: the credits will be doubled.
  • VVVVV: Activate the unlimited supply of bullets and lives.
  • DDDDDD: you will steal all the objects of the battered.

We hope that these tricks will be very useful for you to be able to enjoy Sonic Frontiers for PS4 and PS5 to the fullest. Have fun!

Cheats Sonic Frontiers for PS4 and PS5

Explore and dominate the world of Sonic Frontiers for PlayStation 4 and 5 with these cheats to help you achieve the glory of victory!

activate cheats

To activate the cheats, you first need to enable it by going through the following steps:

  • Enter the “Pause Menu” screen.
  • Press the button SIMULTANEOUS. A new screen will appear in which you must choose the first option “Configure”. This will take you to a second screen where you type SIMPLE. Then press the button RETURN to return to the main menu.

Now that you have cheats enabled, you’re ready to go!


Here are some additional cheats you can use for your adventure:

  • Infinite power: Press the button play to gain endless power.
  • Sand Mouth Attacks: Press the button BACK to perform a ground attack.
  • To increase speed: Press the button FORWARD to increase the speed to maximum.

With these cheats, Sonic Frontiers will definitely be a fun and exciting adventure! Enjoy your trip!

Cheats Sonic Frontiers PS4 & PS5

Sonic fans will love these cheats for the next console! With the new generation of video games, you can enjoy the best graphics and a unique gameplay experience. Below you will find the best cheats for Sonic Frontiers on the PlayStation 4 and 5.

Cheats for the PS4

  • Super Sprites: Call the Super Sprite to get special attacks, upgraded weapons and all the power ups.
  • Summer Blaze Booster: This booster will give you up to ten additional mini-games.
  • Unlock levels: Unlock the secret levels to enjoy a unique experience.

Cheats for the PS5

  • Enhanced graphics: Experience the best graphics of Sonic Frontier thanks to the new console.
  • An improved multiplayer mode: Turn the gaming experience into a party with your friends.
  • Super Sprite Call: Use the Super Sprite to get special attacks, upgraded weapons and all the power ups.

Now you have all the tricks to enjoy Sonic Frontiers to the fullest on the PlayStation 4 and 5. Let yourself be carried away by speed and enjoy the best Sonic game to date!

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