Cheats Super Box Land Demake PS VITA

The creation of WordBuilders, Super Box Land Demake PS VITA, is a unique platform game that will transport you to a 16-bit world. Following in the cheerful and colorful footsteps of the protagonist, you will be able to experience a variety of unique challenges to get the highest score and satisfy your friends. Here are some cheats to help you level faster and have unlimited fun in Super Box Land Demake PS VITA.

general tricks

  • Complete the objectives of each level to get a big score: unlock the secret characters, get coins and get the hidden board games.
  • Take advantage of the possibility to replay the level to improve your score and thus get better rewards.
  • Seen Super Box to unlock new abilities that will help you reduce the time of the levels.
  • Earn lots of coins; this will help you get the Super Box outfits to increase your strength and stamina.

advanced tricks

Here are some tricks if you want to get to the next level:

  • Take advantage of the ability to fly to discover secret platforms and areas of the game; This will help you go through the levels in less time.
  • Walk on top of the tubes: this will allow you to overcome the levels more quickly, jump from side to side of the tubes to increase your mobility.
  • Play the second version of the game to get additional points by beating the levels.
  • Use the unbreakable attack: Evolve to Super Box to get exclusive items to shoot the background of the stage and destroy enemies and walls to get more coins.

Now that you are familiar with Super Box Land Demake PS VITA cheats and skills, we assure you that you will have a fun and amazing experience!

Cheats Super Box Land Demake PS Vita – Video Game Guide

If you are a true lover of retro video games then you will surely have fun with Super Box Land Demake PS Vita. This latest version of the Box Land series will take you back in time with the classic graphics. Below we present a list of tricks that will allow you to get the most out of this version of the video game.


  • Endless life: There are three ways to get Infinite Life. The first is to repeat level 3 over and over until you get the desired amount. The second is to activate the code 555-555-555 in the main menu. Finally, the easiest trick to get Infinite Life is to simply complete all the levels.
  • Invincibility: If you want to become invincible, just complete level 5 and the code 777-777-777 will be activated automatically.
  • Superpowers: Completing level 10 will grant you three superpowers. First you will be able to float in the air, second you will be able to jump higher and third you will not fall into holes. To activate these skills just the code 999-999-999.

Other Tricks

If you want to make changes such as increase speed, reduce friction, modify gravity or unlock all levels, you just need to type the code “ABC–XYZ”. There are also various points where you can activate different cheats depending on the color patterns. Lastly, if you complete the higher levels (40 to 50) the game will reward you with additional cheats including special abilities.

We hope this cheat guide will help you to have a lot of fun with Super Box Land Demake PS Vita. Remember that there are no limits for you to enjoy each of the levels of this unforgettable video game.

Cheats for Super Box Land Demake PS Vita

If you are trying to improve your gaming experience in Super Box Land Demake PS Vita, then you have come to the right place. This platform adventure game has loads of tricks and cheats to enhance your gaming experience and help you easily navigate through the levels. Here are some Super Box Land Demake PS Vita Cheats that will help you progress through the game:

1. Ollie’s magical ability

As Super Box Land Demake PS Vita is a platform game, Ollie has plenty of magical abilities to help him progress from one level to the next. These include jumping higher, running faster, flying, doing tricks in the air, etc. Be sure to practice these skills so that you can easily master the levels.

2. Use your environment

If you are patient and observant, you can discover many ways to use your environment to your advantage. The game is full of traps, bridges, ramps, etc. that can help you get to your destinations faster, so make sure you use them wisely. There are also some hidden areas hidden around the world, so keep looking around those corners.

3. Use the power-ups

The game also contains some power-ups that can be useful in your journey. These include time bonuses, jump bonuses, etc. Make sure you make the most of them to beat the levels with ease.

4. Get power-stars

At each level, you have the opportunity to collect power-stars that will help you complete the levels much easier. These can be hard to find, so be sure to search every corner of the level to collect them.

5. Use checkpoints

Each level has a check-point that you can use to return to the game if you die. Be sure to mark the check-point in each level so you don’t lose your progress.


If you follow these tips for Super Box Land Demake PS Vita, you will have a much better gaming experience. Make sure to use your magical abilities, use your environment, use power-ups, search for power-stars, and use check-points to progress and complete the game successfully. Good luck!

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