Check out the 2020 rumors that didn’t materialize.

Like every year, 2020 was littered with rumors that didn’t materialize. Many players were anxious about the announcement of GTA 6 and came to think that there was an easter egg in the GTA Online DLC, as well as hoping for a new Silent Hill. However, this was all “small talk” (at least for now).

Check out the list of rumors that have rocked the game industry this year.

Check out the 2020 rumors that didn’t materialize

1. Remake of Resident Evil 4

Considered by many as the best game in the franchise, the title has had versions for almost all consoles from past generations. Additionally, Capcom seems to have enjoyed it and “hit the hand” on their remakes, as the new versions of RE 2 and RE 3 were critical successes.

Rumors about Resident Evil 4 Remake didn’t materialize in 2020.Source: VG 247

Check out the 2020 rumors that didn’t materialize

Because of this, there was a great expectation that the game starring Leon would be the next in line. In addition, last month, Capcom suffered a hacker attack that led to the disclosure of a series of future projects of the company, including a remake of Resident Evil 4. However, to date there is no confirmation from the company.

2. New Omnimusha

Still on the hacker attacks suffered by Capcom, the list of leaked rumors pointed to a new game in the Onimusha franchise. Since the 4th title, which was still released on the PlayStation 2, the series has not gained any new games, despite having been a huge success on Sony’s 128-bit console.

Check out the 2020 rumors that didn’t materialize

Onimusha franchise has not won a new game since the PlayStation 2 era.Source: PlayStation

Remember that last year Capcom released a remastered version of the first Onimusha. However, many criticized it for being a version with few changes, mainly in gameplay — considered outdated for the current standard.

Check out the 2020 rumors that didn’t materialize

3. Resident Evil Outrage or Revelations 3

To end Capcom’s rumors of the leaked list, one title in particular caught the eye: Resident Evil Outrage. As Resident Evil Village has already been confirmed as the number 8 game in the franchise, it is speculated that this is a kind of tentative name for Resident Evil Revelations 3, which would even have the return of Rebecca Chambers.

Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2.Source: Microsoft

Recently, insider Dusk Golem went to Twitter to make a series of alleged revelations about the game. According to him, Revelations 3 was the basis for RE 8 and was already 95% complete, ready to be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Remember that the first Revelations was also initially released as exclusive to a Nintendo console, the 3DS.

Check out the 2020 rumors that didn’t materialize

It’s Revelations 3, not Outbreak 3. I won’t say more than that for now though.

— AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@AestheticGamer1) November 23, 2020

4. Silent Hills

In 2014, Hideo Kojima surprised the world by launching a teaser for the game Silent Hills inside the PT minigame. Starring Norman Reedus and featuring director Guillermo del Toro, the game quickly became one of the most anticipated by fans of the franchise.

Check out the 2020 rumors that didn’t materialize

Silent Hills was even announced, but it was canceled months later.Source: Gizmodo

However, the following year, problems involving the development of Metal Gear Solid V caused Konami to fire Kojima, canceling his ambitious project. The director ended up focusing his efforts on the development of Death Stranding and, now, rumors indicate that his next work will be the resumption of the game, which, according to sources, already has the endorsement of Konami.

5. Metal Gear Solid remake

Another rumor involving remakes has hit one of the most acclaimed titles in Konami’s action and spy franchise: Metal Gear Solid. According to the Broken Silicon podcast (responsible for leaks that materialized, such as God Of War Ragnarok), this new version of the game would already be in development and would be exclusive to the PS5.

PSOne classic Metal Gear Solid could get a remake.Source: SamaGame

Check out the 2020 rumors that didn’t materialize

However, instead of “counting on the finger” of its director, Hideo Kojima, the remake would be being developed by the company Bluepoint, the same company that was in charge of the PS5 version of Demon’s Souls.

6. GTA VI was just a DLC from GTA Online

One of the biggest expectations for 2020 was the official announcement of GTA 6. A strong rumor surfaced in the GTA Online DLC teaser, where the disclosed geographic location showed a series of streets that appeared to form the number 6.

Easter Egg in GTA 6 was nothing but speculation.Source: Voxel

Check out the 2020 rumors that didn’t materialize

However, the same DLC was released and so far Rockstar hasn’t confirmed any information regarding the game. Many expected an announcement during The Game Awards, but it didn’t happen either. Remember that GTA 5, the latest title in the franchise, is yet to be released for PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, which further dampens hopes for an announcement soon.

7. Titanfall 3 in development

Titanfall was another franchise that fans had been waiting for an announcement this year. Rumors about a new game began in early 2020, even being denied by the game’s producer, Respawn Entertainment.

Titanfall 3 was one of the rumors that stirred 2020.Source: EA

However, months passed and the company did not announce any other titles in development, which caused old rumors to resurface. At least this time, the producer hasn’t officially denied any of them.

8. Bloodborne on PS5 and PC

One of the most acclaimed games on the PS4, Bloodborne, can be played on the PS5 via backwards compatibility. However, many rumors pointed to a remastered version of From Software’s classic.

Bloodborne didn’t get a PC version in 2020.Source: Red Bull

Also, there was a rumor that the PlayStation 4 exclusive game would be released for the PC. It is worth remembering that some also exclusive games have gained PC versions, such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Detroit: Become Human.

9. Fable MMO

Fable, Microsoft’s adventure franchise, was also rumored to be throughout 2020. Although a new game in the series was announced during the Xbox Games Showcase, little information has been revealed.

Check out the 2020 rumors that didn’t materialize

Fable was announced in 2020, but so far has not received further details.Source: Voxel

As a result, rumors began to surface that the new game would actually be an MMO for Xbox Series S/X and PC. However, since the announcement we continue without more news about the next game in the franchise.

10. Forza Horizon 5 could arrive in 2021 and before the new Forza Motorsport

One of the most anticipated announcements at The Game Awards 2020 was for a new Forza Horizon. First, the fact that every new generation of Xbox had a franchise title at launch; second, because of rumors that “populated” on the internet in the days leading up to the event.

Forza Horizon only won the Cyberpunk car in its 4th version.Source: Future Behind

Check out the 2020 rumors that didn’t materialize

One of them even showed on social networks a supposed photo of the game, which would be set in Tokyo. However, the only factor related to the announced franchise was the inclusion of the Cyberpunk car 2077 in Forza Horizon 4.

11. Spider-Man 2 may be released in 2021

And the last rumor on our list is about the continuation of Spider-Man, a PS4 exclusive game that won a remastered version for PS5. According to some websites, the next game in the franchise would arrive in 2022 and would have a new playable character.

Another rumor that did not materialize was the announcement of Spider-Man 2.Source: SamaGame

Remember that when Spider-Man Miles Morales was announced, many players were confused and thought he would be Spider-Man 2. However, the game just continues the story of the first game, in which the character was already a part.