Check winning numbers and tenths of the stones.

Today we are going to explain how to check the winners of the 2018 Christmas Lottery, and how to find the numbers of the stones as well. To do this, we are going to explain how to do it both online through the browser of your computer or laptop and to do it also using the different applications available for your mobile device.

If you hit the jackpot or one of the big prizes, you will probably know it right away, but the manual checking can be quite a long and tedious process, especially if you have played a lot of tenths. Therefore, it is much easier to take one of these options and simply write your numbers to know if you have touched something.

Check winning numbers and tenths of the stones

Check your tenth winner online

If you are in front of a computer, you can check your tenths on various web pages that are available today and perfectly operational. Then we leave you with the main options that you have at your fingertips to know if you are a millionaire or if you will have to keep trying your luck., the official website

The first proposal is the official page of Loterias y Apuestas del Estado, the official and most reliable website of the entity that carries out the draw, and always one of the first pages to visit to check your number in this or any other that may have been organized. Simply enter their website, and Go to the Check your number section. In it you can specify the number you play, the day of the draw and the euros played. For the Christmas lottery, the date is December 22, 2018.

Check winning numbers and tenths of the stones and other very similar websites

Beyond the official website, there are many other portals on the Internet that have been created specifically to allow you to check the lottery numbers. You just have to do searches like Christmas Lottery and you will get several alternatives. One of them is this one, dedicated to the Christmas Lottery and the Children’s Lottery, which you recommended to us last year in the comments.

RTVE, betting on public television

Another alternative that you can also opt for is the website of RTVE, the Spanish public television that also has its own website available from which to check the lottery numbers. You just have to write the number and how much you have played, and if you have a prize they will tell you the amount won.

Check winning numbers and tenths of the stones

And you also have online newspapers

Everyone is going to look for the results of the Christmas Lottery today, so the war for visits means that practically all national newspapers include a small box to check if your tenth has been awarded. There are few differences from one to the other beyond their appearance: in all cases you must include your number and how much you play. In the second step you are told if it has a prize and, sometimes, additional information such as in which administrations it has been sold. Here are some of them:

Mobile apps

If you are not in front of the PC or you simply prefer to follow the draw with your mobile, you will not lack the options. The only downside is that many of the applications will not allow you to check your tickets until the giveaway ends.

Check winning numbers and tenths of the stones

SELAE lotteries

It is the official application of State Lotteries and Betting, and with it you can check your prize winners and see all the winning numbers, at least in the iPhone version. Even so, as the comments of the App indicate, it is not the best you can find, since both Android and iOS have marks of less than 2 out of 5.


The TuLotero application is another good alternative to check your numbers. It is technically and visually much better than the official application of State Lotteries and Betting, and you can also scan your tickets with the camera to see if they have been awarded. It is possible to add it manually as well and save multiple tickets to check them all at once.


Another multiplatform application that has a ticket reader through your mobile camera, and that in addition to the Christmas Lottery also serves you for many other draws. It has a free version that allows you to share your plays, and a premium version that also allows you to buy lotteries from your mobile.

Check winning numbers and tenths of the stones

The Bruixa d’Or

One of the most famous lottery administrations in Spain has also developed its own mobile application, although in this case it is currently exclusively for Android and can only be downloaded from its website. Even so, it helps you to buy tickets and check the results.

Lottery Scanner Giveaways

The Ticket Scanner application is another good alternative, since it allows you to scan all your numbers or enter them by hand, and then when the application is updated with the Christmas Lottery data it notifies you if there is any prize. The problem is that this update can take time, so it is a less immediate method than other alternatives.


If you have an iPhone or iPad, with iPremio you can store all your tickets and shares in advance. The application updates the prizes in real time, so you will immediately know if you were lucky in the draw.

Check winning numbers and tenths of the stones