Christmas has arrived in these games.

From December 13, we can wear red hats in many games to slaughter our opponents to the tune of Little Christmas, Big Christmas in the spirit of the holiday of love.

December 13th not only means that there are 10 days left to buy Christmas presents, but also that some kind of festive event begins in many games, within the framework of which the developers treat fans relaxing at home during the winter break with many extras. We have collected what we found, but if your favorite is missing from the list, add it in the comments.

Christmas has arrived in these games


Among other things, the seasonal event of Blizzard’s shooter has started, with which many new skins, emotes, icons and victory attitudes have arrived. Torbjörn finally got his Santa skin, and the King’s Row track also dons his festive outfit. The new game mode focuses on Mei

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Christmas has arrived in these games

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The Dawning, presented at the PlayStation Experience, has also started and awaits Destiny fans until January 3. Speaking of which, the Sparrow Racing League is back, the Strikes have been reworked, the new Record Book has arrived, the Ice Breaker can be obtained again, as well as surprise gifts and the Tower decorated for Christmas awaits the fans.

Christmas has arrived in these games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

At launch, we only got 10 of the classic Modern Warfare multiplayer levels, and Activision just timed the expansion for 13. You can now kill on the Bloc, Countdown, Pipeline, Showdown, Strike and Wetwork maps, and the fan favorite Winter Crash is back. With the DLC, two game modes, Gun Game and Hardpoint, were added to the system.


Agent 47 also goes on a Christmas mission, namely to Paris, full of Christmas atmosphere, where we have to stop two thieves dressed as Santa Claus (the two thieves of the Trespassing Burglars, to be exact). The Holiday Hoarders mission does not replace the currently playable Showstopper, we can choose which one we want to complete. The DLC is free, but the developers would like players to give a little to charity, so they are asking fans to support the International Cancer Research Fund.

Christmas has arrived in these games

Battlefield 1

Although it’s not exactly Christmas, Battlefield 1 Premium subscribers and pre-orders with the Hellfire pack also received the latest update on the 13th, which will be available for everyone else a week later. This brings the Giant’s Shadow map and the new grenade launcher into the game.

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Christmas has arrived in these games