In this festive season, several studios and companies prepare festive messages or illustrations.

After the messages from Kojima Productions and Arika, not to mention the illustrations by Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica and Insomniac, we now have more illustrations alluding to the holiday season.

Sony shared new Christmas postcards created by its main studios and you can see messages from studios like Polyphony Digital, Sucker Punch, Sony Japan Studio, Guerrilla Games and more below.

These Sony studios were joined by companies like Square Enix (Kingdom Hearts 3 and The Last Remnant were chosen), Epic Games with their Fortnite, Bungie with Destiny 2 and Ubisoft with Far Cry 5.

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There are 30 Christmas postcards shared by Sony and other publishers, who celebrate Christmas with their video game fans.

Moss, Days Gone, Anthem, Concrete Genie, Senran Kagura, Warriors Orochi 4 and Rocket League are some of the games used to wish Happy Holidays.

There are simple images and other very original ones that show dedication on the part of the teams.

What is your favorite image?