For the sixth year Cisco Italy earns first place in the ranking Great Place to Work Italy – Best Workplaces 2021 for the Medium Companies category (150 – 499 employees). In a year where providing a comfortable working environment has been extremely complicated, Cisco Italia emerges with its own distinctive features. There digital transformation that Cisco offers to other companies has allowed itself to be close to your employees.

Cisco triumphs at Great Place to Work Italy, for the sixth consecutive time

Cisco first in the ranking of Great Places to Work in our country

The announcement highlights the excellent work done by the company’s Italian team. And it comes shortly after the company’s world victory in the rankings Great Place to Work – Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work 2021.

Gianmatteo Manghi, CEO of Cisco Italia, comments: “In a year in which we realized that thanks to digital technology we were able to give continuity to the most varied aspects of our lives, we wanted to reaffirm our vision: welcoming people and their needs, make them protagonists of the way in which the company they work for helps society and businesses to face new challenges, always putting technology at the service of man”.

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Awarded especially the way the company has always allowed to decide where to work, focusing on responsibility and working on achieving the objectives. In this way, the transition to remote work has not produced the traumas seen in other companies. Furthermore, Cisco Italia has invested in new projects as well as new hires (+12% of employees).

Initiatives to respond to employee needs

Cisco has also enabled its employees to improve the own equipment for smart workingexpanded health coverage and held seminars focused on mental well-being. In addition, it offers a range of employee support services. Like the Critical Time Off, paid leave four weeks for family emergencies. And then the 14-day leave for new fathers, that of 3 for new grandparents. And so on.

Stephanie Capelli, head of Human Resources at Cisco Italia explains: “We have deployed all available resources, but also continued to cultivate an aspect that distinguishes us, and that our employees have always appreciated: the strong social commitment, to restore value to the communities in which we operate. We leveraged “for good” technology even more by collaborating on digital solidarity actions, volunteering and more – even introducing new initiatives, such as a project just launched with the non-profit Techfugees, to favor the employment of refugee women” .

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You can read about all of Cisco’s initiatives to create a good working environment on this page of the official site.