The United States is going through a very difficult time because of the murder of George Floyd. Thousands of people take to the streets every day to protest against the racist acts that continue in the country. However, some are take advantage of these events to rob and loot stores, including the Apple Store.

Tim Cook himself mentioned it in a letter and even in his own Apple has taken action at several of its storessome are on board and others have improvised a barricade to prevent the theft of planes. Something that on the other hand is worthless as all iPhones and iPads on display in the Apple Store are blocked when they walk away from the stores.

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However, now Apple stores are becoming a very special meeting place and peaceful protests with murals, drawings and inspirational phrases right now. A good example for sending messages of support and protest.

The Apple Store is a meeting place

Many Apple stores around the world are located in very iconic locations in every city, so they are visually appealing. Many communities began to decorate the closed Apple Store and many artists have “taken over” Apple stores promote peace over violence.

One of the Apple Stores that has become more famous is that of Naperville, Illinois. It was one of the Apple stores that was looted a few days ago and Apple was forced to cover the entrance with heavy wood blocking the entrance. Many teens in the community stuck heart shaped notes and got ripped off overnight, and this act brought together thousands of people at the store to put their own messages on a huge mural.

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In Portland, artist Emma Berger painted a mural of George Floyd with the words ” I can not breathe “ on the wall surrounding the Apple Pioneer Place store, also damaged by looting. In addition, the artist wants to add new faces to the fresco with more victims.

One of the Apple stores closest to Apple’s headquarters in Palo Alto was also another store that the artists decorated, with a mural of Black Lives Matter and many improvised phrases.

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It is certainly a great initiative on the part of the community which wants protest peacefully against injustices caused by racism. This is a real example and a better way to get all of these messages across.

Source: Techradar