Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a perk that allows you to use two pistols, so you can use in multiplayer and Warzone can dominate.

As of this writing, the Akimbo advantage with two .357 revolvers is a very strong combination. With the right accessories, you can turn the revolvers into two mini shotguns.

You can read in this guide how to get the Akimbo advantage and transforms into a Snake Shot charge.

Akimbo Explained – What It Is, How You Use It And Why Players Use Snake Shot Loadout

Akimbo is one of the five possible accessories that you can put on a handgun. With the bed you are now holding a pistol in both hands.

The Akimbo advantage is known in normal Modern Warfare multiplayer, especially in small maps. In combination with the right pistol and the right accessories, you also see more and more advantages in the Battle Royale Warzone mode.

The Akimbo Snake Shot charge for the .357 is currently the most popular Akimbo charge. This turns the revolver into a long-range rifle, while flattening dual-use opponents up close with one or two hits.

Most players switch to Akimbo Snake Shot when in buildings or in the last circles when long range weapons are less used.

Here is the best Snimo Shot Akimo charge for the .357 revolver:

  • Canon – .357 Long
  • Laser – Laser 5 mW
  • Trigger action – Match level trigger
  • Munitions – Snake Shot
  • Perk – Akimbo

Snake Shot bullets increase the damage of the revolver so that one or two shots are enough to uproot someone. The long barrel expands the range of handguns and compensates for the smaller range of Snake Shot bullets. The laser provides a more accurate hip shot, which is necessary because you don’t have ADS with the Akimbo advantage. The Match Made Trigger accessory increases your rate of fire so you can shoot faster than your own shadow.

How to get Akimbo handguns in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare

To unlock the Akimbo accessory for a handgun, you must first complete a challenge in Modern Warfare multiplayer. There are several challenges that you will find in the Gunsmith Perks location. Once unlocked, select the Akimbo Perk, and in no time armed with two handguns, make opponents’ lives miserable.

Below are all the challenges you need to complete before unlocking the Akimbo Perk:

  • X16: 3 victories in 5 different matches with the advantage of the sleight of hand.
  • 1911: 3 wins in 5 different matches with the Mo’Money advantage.
  • .357: 3 eliminations in 5 different matches with the Recon advantage.
  • M19: 3 eliminations in 5 different matches with the Frangible – Injury advantage.
  • .50 GS: 3 wins in 5 different matches with the FMJ advantage.
  • Renetti: 3 eliminations in 5 different matches with the Mo ‘Money advantage.

The Akimbo .357 challenge is fairly straightforward, but takes a long time if you haven’t played around with the gun a bit.

You unlock the Akimbo Perk when you’ve killed at least three kills with the .357 in five different games. As an additional condition, you must have the Recon benefit as an attachment. You unlock it by grinding your .357 to level 34.

So it takes time, but for fanatic Warzone gamers, it is worth it. The fastest way to upgrade the revolver is to use an XP boost and access the Shoot the Ship playlist in multiplayer. In relatively small maps, you run into someone quickly, so you can kill more people.

To get the Akimbo Snake Shot charge in Warzone, you need to get it from a Power Crate. These are dropped onto the cards during the game or can be purchased in the shop.

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Source: IGN