Collection of signatures for Peter Jackson to direct ‘The Hobbit’, petition to which Ian McKellen joins.

We recently announced that, due to a lawsuit over collection issues for ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ between New Line Cinema and Peter Jackson’s company, the New Zealander will not direct the two adaptations of ‘The Hobbit’ and the other possible prequel to ‘The Lord of the Rings’. There has also been talk that Sam Raimi could be the replacement.

But there are many who are not satisfied with this situation. Despite the fact that an adaptation can never be 100% faithful to a book, and less so to one as long as this one, since it is already said to be an adaptation; I think Jackson has done the best possible job with the trilogy. And I agree with those who say that no one would put as much love and effort into making these other three films as he did. Those of you who are also in favor of it being Jackson, you can read here the letter that fans send to request it and sign the petition. It’s titled: “As It Was Supposed To Be Or No Way”.

Sir Ian Mckellen, who gives a sublime interpretation of Gandalf, says, in an interview that has surfaced on his website, that he is “very sad. I would have very much enjoyed revisiting Middle-earth again with Peter. It’s hard to imagine anyone equaling what he has achieved in Tolkien’s country.” How can we not pay attention to the wise white magician who, with that incredible voice that he has, achieves some of the best moments of the three films? And it is not only a question of who is going to be the director, but of the way of doing things. What fans complain about most in the letter is the rushed and self-interested way in which New Line is pre-producing the films. As he stated in the letter that I translated for you in another entry (and that you can read by clicking here), Jackson left the project because it seemed to him that a cold and business motivation (they would settle the lawsuit over the collection if he agreed to direct it) was not a good reason to embark on a film. The decision would have to come from the heart, say the filmmaker and his wife, co-writer and co-producer Fran Walsh. Jackson doesn’t want to talk about it until the lawsuit is settled, but New Line has the rights for a limited time and can’t wait for that decision to be made. That is why he has decided to look for another director. Therefore, the fans understand that ‘The Hobbit’ will now be made in a rushed, cold and calculating way.

Collection of signatures for Peter Jackson to direct ‘The Hobbit’, petition to which Ian McKellen joins

Not only Jackson would be out of the project, but also his entire technical and writing team and WETA, responsible for the special effects. Also, someone else would play Gandalf. Neither of these changes is acceptable to fans.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer says he will not give up on Peter Jackson directing these films.

Collection of signatures for Peter Jackson to direct ‘The Hobbit’, petition to which Ian McKellen joins

There are already thousands of signatures collected all over the Internet. Chris Pirrotta, co-founder of the website, where the letter from Jackson and Walsh appeared, says that fans “are very upset. We receive calls of all kinds, from letter-writing campaigns to a boycott of the producer ”.