OPPO officially launched ColorOS 7 at the end of last year, although it is not the version preinstalled in the new OPPO Reno 4. Instead, the update arrives at ColorOS 7.2, a review with minor improvements on several fronts.

ColorOS 7.2 adds new artificial intelligence features focused on photography and video recording, although it doesn’t miss the best on increase application loading speed and battery usage.

Best night photography


Night photography improves with ColorOS 7.2, with a new algorithm which, according to its creators, increases brightness by 74% during video recording and 33% when taking photos in very low light conditions.

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“Cinema” video recording


Another improvement focused on video recording is the movie recording, with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 and ten template filters to give your video recordings a cinema look.

Better battery saving


Rare is the new version of Android or a layer of customization that doesn’t include some sort of performance improvement. In ColorOS 7.2 OPPO ensures that its new image and video processing algorithms use less power, in addition to other improvements reduce battery usage.

ColorOS 7.2 learns from your sleep patterns to optimize battery usage at night. The result is, by its own measurements, 40% less battery usage when shooting at night and 10% less power consumption at night. This battery saving becomes even greater when the terminal is low on the battery, because the Super Battery Saver.

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Faster application launch

Quick Start

In ColorOS 7.2, artificial intelligence reduces the time it takes to start applications. The idea is that the system preload some applications before opening them after analyzing your usage patterns.

Editing old photos

Old photos

Another use of artificial intelligence in ColorOS 7.2 is quite different: repair old photos. This is an algorithm for restoring the clarity of old photos that are blurry or with too much noise, as shown in the previous example.

Most Complete Camera SDK


The latest change to OPPO ColorOS 7.2 is more developer-oriented. The OPPO Camera SDK allows other apps access advanced camera featuressuch as wide angle or video stabilization.

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ColorOS 7.2 is currently only on OPPO Reno Reno 4 for 4 et oppoIn the same way that Color OS 7.1 was released preinstalled on OPPO Find X2. It remains to be seen whether other models of the brand will receive these minor updates to ColorOS 7, or whether they will be reserved for more premium models.

Source: Frandroid