Unearthing the past is important for designing new titles and re-offering more satisfying and better-produced titles. The Commandos series, first released in 1998, was beloved for its strategic dynamics that allowed the player to take on enemies in always razor-sharp situations, thanks to difficult difficulty.

Developer Pyro Studios had some success in 2002 with Commandos 2: Improved in its gameplay thanks to the multiple playable characters and the new possibilities that it guaranteed, the game presented a satisfying challenge for those looking for an experience combining stealth and strategy.

Commandos 2 takes us back to 1940, a year after the outbreak of World War II. The German forces, now undisputed and strong in their organization and the war of lightning, dominate Europe forcing the English and French troops to embark for England after the Nazi encirclement of Belgium and the capture of the Maginot Line and from Paris.

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Now completely routed, the Allied forces are forced to plan risky actions to counter the Nazi advance during the Battle of Britain, in order to prepare well for the counterattack. Due to the excellent organization of the German army and the Third Reich, conventional methods cannot bring the conflict to a standstill. Only special units, poorly trained and courageous in spirit, will be able to strike at the heart of Hitler’s war machine: the Commandos.

Divided by category and special abilities, we will move them in different scenarios in the ten missions of the main campaign. From France to the cold regions of the Arctic occupied by the Nazis, from Burma to Thailand subjugated by the Japanese, the decorations remain unchanged from the past, adding nothing to the experience, apart from the various objects. collection. One problem concerns a certain laziness on the part of the developers to present the same title without these additions which would guarantee greater depth to a production still capable of awakening the souls of the fans and veterans who faced it.

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Of course, the gameplay doesn’t change either, the same one we found on PC twenty years ago. The isometric view with fixed camera comes with a poorly managed and poorly functional interface, which confuses the player rather than helping them.

As complex and structured as it was then, the game today is quite archaic today, considering other competitors in the market. While artificial intelligence responds very well, it often turns out to be unbalanced and too harsh, especially at an intermediate challenge level.

Night missions are still satisfactory.

The playable characters, widely characterized and diverse in their use, can be used individually and have different abilities that allow you to achieve victory. The engineer is the only one to use grenades, defuse explosives and anti-tank mines, as well as his own mine detector.

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Rather, the thief can climb walls to reach a mezzanine, break through otherwise difficult-to-open doors and crates, or steal directly from the pockets of Nazi soldiers.

As in the original version, the three additions that made gamers happy in 2002 are also present in the remaster, such as the seductress capable of distracting enemies or the dog who can carry small items from one command to another. .

The current fluidity of the remaster is however compromised by a slowdown in polygonal models. When it comes to using mechanics like the visual cone to avoid the enemy, then it is often very difficult to understand the action and follow it carefully due to superficial handling of commands. Thanks again to the interface, we often have to hold down two keys to aim and hit with a gun.

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We found an almost constant input lag, which often required us to hold or press a key without the command responding to our commands, preventing us from taking necessary countermeasures instantly. Of course, in the Commandos, planning is as important as the failures that slowly lead us to victory. Stealth is well thought out, if it weren’t limited by rough handling of the controls.

One example is the Commando, which to wield a reed switch requires us to hold down the relative button until a white circle completes its circle, incredibly slowing the fluidity of movement.

Another example in the wrong choice of controls is when we are forced to change characters, a cumbersome and distracting action, as well as uncomfortable. When you are then forced to access a downed enemy’s inventory to take possession of their possessions, there is no possibility of taking everything instantly.

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Even the graphic side does not shine, despite better definition of environmental colors. Polygonal models appear at a lower resolution, if not the same as in the original. The buildings, compared to the past, are better finished and have a good design, even if they are sometimes not well integrated into their surroundings.

The interface in which we can carefully study the operators and their characteristics.

The most disturbing technical aspect is what undermined our experience, giving rise to relative conclusions. Besides the very serious input delay issues, bugs persist that often ruin the experience, from the sound in which noises and vocals disappear, to the writing of the subtitles.

During the experience we were also victims of sudden crashes in the more delicate missions, such as the infiltration ones in which you have to use stealth carefully and keep an eye on what we have around not to commit. missteps.

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Given the criticisms we have leveled at the dedicated Commandos 2 remaster, we hope that the necessary fixes will arrive as soon as possible, making the experience enjoyable. We would have liked a more cautious re-proposal, given the series’ historical significance in the real-time strategic landscape, but unfortunately that was not the case.

At present, therefore, this re-release of Commandos fails to carve out a niche for itself except among the ranks of fans who still remember the original with nostalgia.

Source : Reddit