Conan Exiles: Tips and Tricks in the Beginner’s Guide.

It’s not called a survival game for nothing: Conan Exiles like many representatives of this genre, which has recently become more and more popular, it is an unforgivable, complex and mouth-lazy undertaking. Even as a muscular barbarian, you buckle like a match if you don’t have your eyes and ears everywhere. Everything wants you to the leather: other players, NPCs, animals – even your own metabolism and the extreme temperatures of this world are bothering you.

And while you are still busy trying not to die of thirst, the game is already throwing you a number of terms and widely ramified crafting trees. You can quickly get an overview, or worse: lose the fun.

Conan Exiles: Tips and Tricks in the Beginner’s Guide

To save you from this fate, we have compiled the most important tips, tricks and tricks for beginners on this page.

The Best Attributes, and How to Reset Them with a Yellow Lotus Potion

Each time you rise in level, attribute points are flushed into your account, which you can invest in one of seven attributes. The further you improve a value, the more points you need to push it further. So consider carefully whether you would rather improve several other stats with your existing points instead of pushing a single value up.

Conan Exiles: Tips and Tricks in the Beginner’s Guide

Of course, there is no ideal distribution. This depends largely on your style of play. Are you a close fighter and do without the use of long-range weapons? Then you can ignore the precision value, for example.

Should you ever find that you are dissatisfied with your distribution, you can do one with ten yellow lotus flowers Yellow Lotus Potion on a brazier kettle. If you slurp it, you not only forget your attributes, but also all the recipes and your distributed knowledge points. So think twice if it’s worth it.

Conan Exiles: Tips and Tricks in the Beginner’s Guide
  • Strength
    This value determines your melee damage.
  • agility
    Contrary to what you might think, agility has no effect on your speed or stamina expenditure. Instead, you increase your defense and the ability to wear heavy armor.
  • vitality
    By increasing your vitality, you increase your maximum health.
  • precision
    Increases your ranged damage.
  • endurance
    Increase your stamina.
  • burden
    Increase your payload.
  • to survive
    Affects your metabolism, which means you need less food and water.

In many situations, several attributes come into play at the same time. In fights, for example, you depend on your strength, agility, vitality, precision and endurance. Uff.

Increase endurance and use it correctly

No, tight stamina bars have not only existed since the Souls games. Yep, in Conan Exiles you have to watch out for the bar at the top left of the screen like a shooting dog.

Conan Exiles: Tips and Tricks in the Beginner’s Guide

Almost every movement apart from running devours a not too small part of your breath. Regardless of whether you jump or let an attack with an evasive role go nowhere, everything gnaws at the endurance of your muscles. Particularly nasty here: Once your bar is empty, you can only perform all these maneuvers again when your stamina has fully regenerated. Needless to say, this can pose serious problems not only in fights.

It is therefore extremely important to have a good feeling for how much stamina a movement takes. Especially in disputes, you do not always have the time to take a scrutinizing look upwards, so you have to rely on your experience to some extent. If you want to increase your endurance in the long term, you have to pump your hard-earned attribute points into the endurance value.

Save game score with fiber bed instead

As if Conan Exiles weren’t already a time waster before the Lord, a little carelessness can result in your virtual death at any time and thus cost more hours of play. Especially when entering a new area, this is not uncommon if you do not yet know exactly where and which dangers await you.

Conan Exiles: Tips and Tricks in the Beginner’s Guide

In order to minimize the frustration in such situations, you should go to sleep regularly and save your game with it. While you can beat yourself on the ear later in comfortable beds, you have to do it at first Fiber beds serve. These are quasi mobile spawn points that you can place anywhere you want – but only one at a time. If you lay out another bed, the first one disappears automatically.

Before you start climbing such a mountain, it can’t hurt to create a spawn point using a fiber bed.

Conan Exiles: What beginners should know for survival

You should also keep the following tips in mind:

Conan Exiles: Tips and Tricks in the Beginner’s Guide
  • Choose the right server
    You make one of your most important decisions before you can even look at the broad-shouldered back of your barbarian for the first time. The choice of server depends not only on which players you can meet, but also in which of the three game modes you spend your time. You can find out what there is to know about this topic in our server guide for Conan Exiles.
  • Character creation
    While you turn all the controls to make yourself a dashing barbarian, you don’t have to worry about their effects. Only the chosen one religion influences the course of the game – even if only minimally and only during the early game phase. Each god brings you certain bonuses, whereby you have to commit to one at the beginning of the adventure. However, as the game progresses, you can finally worship everyone else in order to take advantage of their advantages. To begin with, however, miter is not a bad choice as it allows you to self-heal.
  • Eat enough food and water
    Under your stamina bar you will see four more symbols, one of which indicates your hunger and the other your thirst. Make sure that these never drop too far. Or to put it another way: always have a sip of water and something to bite in your backpack if you don’t want to experience any nasty surprises. Also keep in mind that external factors also influence your hunger or thirst. So you have to drink more in hot regions, but take a bite more regularly in cold regions.
  • Pay attention to the temperature
    Another indicator at the top left of the screen that is essential to keep an eye on. If the needle hits upwards, the sweat penetrates in streams through the pores of your barbarian. If, on the other hand, it scratches the floor, it threatens to freeze to death. Ideally, you always keep the display roughly in the middle, which is possible with various tricks. You can counteract the current temperature particularly efficiently with the right clothes. In the short term, however, it also helps, for example, to drink warm drinks to warm up or cold drinks to cool down.
  • Take everything with you that is not nailed down
    You need a lot of materials even for crafting the smallest of objects. So get used to picking up everything early on and turning each stone twice. It is also advisable to put some of the first attribute points in the load value in order to increase your payload.
  • Try different tools on the same raw material source
    While you logically get wood from trees with an ax, bark will find its way into your inventory if you plow the same tree with a pickaxe instead. There are a number of such examples that it is worthwhile to work on the same raw material source with different tools.
  • Orientate yourself to the Journey
    Conan Exiles is not divided into classic chapters, but at least you will find a list of different tasks sorted by progress in the Journey. These are most likely to serve as an in-game tutorial and roughly nudge you in the right direction. You will also receive a few experience points for completing these mini-quests – and you can always use them.

Are you looking for further advice? Here’s how to catch slaves in Conan Exiles. How you produce leather and reinforced leather, however, is in this article.