Content Scheduler, the new feature of Adobe Express.

Adobe Express now comes with a new update, this time with a feature that will help better organize user content. This new function is totally focused on being able to better plan the content. As well as take a better look at the moment of programming what you publish on social networks or any platform of your interest. Adobe provides the opportunity to do this directly from its software.

Adobe Express introduces new updates

Today, Adobe decided to introduce some updates that will accompany Adobe Express. The new functions are totally focused on cooperating with the user for a common interest, which is the content published on social networks.

Content Scheduler, the new feature of Adobe Express

Adobe has always worked at the foot of what its consumers require, therefore this time it presents support for the sector related to Internet content. The content manager requires too many aspects to deal with when it comes to his job. From the creation of publications to the planning of hours for them, that in addition to the distribution of your content through networks.

The way content creators work requires an improvement and solution in their workflow, so Adobe gives them this practical possibility. It doesn’t just give them the function to craft their content and schedule it. In addition to allowing ease of strategy and content planning, all from intuitive tools. Now all these facilities from a single place for users.

Content Scheduler, the new feature of Adobe Express

Content Scheduler, the function focused on content for social networks

Today, Adobe Express adds the Content Scheduler feature. This function stems from the need for users with difficulties in programming, scheduling, distributing and creating their content through social networks. Adobe understands the need for creators to monetize their content, products, or other online options, so it builds Content to improve these aspects as well.

Late last year, the company decided to acquire ContentCal. In this way, they reiterate the alliance they have to help these independent creators, as well as any of these small businesses that seek to get ahead. ContentCal was already focused on social networks and marketing, leaving users to work only on the creativity of the content. Now that it’s part of Adobe, the experience is much more rewarding.

Content Scheduler, the new feature of Adobe Express

Content Scheduler, for its part, arrives to give users more ability to improve their content programming. Although Adobe confirms that it will continue to focus on these types of areas. For now, users with the feature will be able to perform many activities.

content planning

Content planning is one of the most important parts of the overall performance of any platform to survive on the internet. Due to this, any topic or publication for social networks can be planned from the Content tools to better detail the last part of your content.

Content Scheduler, the new feature of Adobe Express

In case of any problem, you can enter again and again to review and manage your publications. All this from the comfort of a calendar with simple and practical functions for the user.

post schedule

Adobe and Content think about each user and the pressures of daily life. They can’t always have access to post everywhere at all times, so the feature now allows content to be added and managed according to the time the creator needs. If necessary, it will only suffice to schedule the time and day necessary to have them published within an accessible or profitable time for the audience.


The publications require time and patience, their elaboration takes the time you have to have. The creators are aware of this, so they need to verify the content already scheduled. Now with the preview, they will be able to have the follower’s perspective and adapt details to improve the published content.

Content Scheduler, the new feature of Adobe Express

Distribution of publications

Content creators have to be in charge of all aspects of their content, this includes having to spread posts across all platforms. The workflow can stumble on this part, as not all software fulfills this quick distribution function. From Instagram to Facebook, you need to have the accessibility to distribute from one place. It should be noted that this function is carried out without additions to other services.

Where do you start with Content Scheduler?

Adobe Express now includes Content Scheduler for its Premium version. This means that all users with this type of plan can use this function in an unlimited way, posting as many times as they want using the integrated calendar. In addition to granting multiple profiles to a single plan, linking Adobe to the platforms you want such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

However, Content Scheduler is currently only available in its full functionality in the web version of Adobe Express. This does not mean that the company is planning to integrate even more updates and improvements so that the user can manage much more accessible work experiences. For example, working with more platforms linked to your application, analysis and statistics of the publications.

Content Scheduler, the new feature of Adobe Express

Adobe reiterates this commitment by addressing users who share its software. In case of opinions and possible improvements, you can provide feedback Express through its official page for this activity. Finally, it should be noted that as a non-premium user you can also have access to this new function of Adobe Express through a limited trial period of 30 days.