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The acclaimed soccer game FIFA 21 is now available for the Nintendo Switch system! Whether you’re a beginner or a longtime fan of the FIFA franchise, be sure to familiarize yourself with the controls before you head out onto the pitch. Here we will cover the full scale of controls for the game on the Switch.

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Basic Controls

These controls are the basics for most game modes.

  • Move: left/right directional arrow to move, up to power start, down to sprint.
  • Pass/Use Items: B to pass/use objects.
  • Center / Receiver: And to center; To to receive.
  • Throw/Jump: X to throw/jump.

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Here are some key tricks to improve your skills on the court.

  • Press and hold the direction you want while pressing the sprint button to allow your player to turn while running.
  • Press and hold the pass button and use Direction to select where you want the pass to go.
  • Press the jump button in the air to perform a stunt and jump over the opponents.
  • Press the Jump button Synchronously together with the Pass button to tunnel/dribble.
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Advanced Controls

These controls are more complex, and are used to perform advanced actions:

  • Headbutt/Head Shot: Press and hold B – Hold Y + press A when in range.
  • Deep short pass: Hold Y while pressing B for a stronger pass.
  • Cut: Surround yourself to slash your opponents while pressing X to jump over them.
  • Ball effect: Press and hold B + hold Y + press L.


Now you can move freely around the pitch with the full controls of FIFA 21 for Nintendo Switch. Practice your skills while keeping the controls at hand so you can excel in both real life matches and on console. Good luck!

Controls Fifa 21 Nintendo Switch Spanish

As the years go by, video game controls become more complex. This is no more apparent than in sports games like EA SPORTS FIFA 21 for the Nintendo Switch console. Understanding these controls will allow you to have better movements on the field, which will help you become a better player.

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Key Tricks

  • Change players: Press the “+” button to quickly switch players. By keeping the “+” button pressed, you will be able to select the player you want to pass the ball to. Using this trick accurately will help you better control the ball.
  • Ball pass: Press the A button to perform a simple pass. The Y button will allow you to make a precision pass, which will go to the exact location you specify. Using these two controls correctly will allow you to accurately pass the ball.
  • Throw: Press the B button to take a single shot. Use the X button for a shot with more power or to perform a cross shot. This will allow you to better control the power of your shot, potentially allowing you to get past defenders and the goalie.
  • Change address: Press the X button to change the direction of the player. Holding this button down while pressing the B button will cause the player to run with the ball, creating more options to get past opponents.
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With these FIFA 21 Nintendo Switch controllers in your arsenal, you’re ready to improve your game-playing skills. Good luck on the field!

FIFA 21 Nintendo Switch Controls: Learn to play like a pro!

FIFA 21 on Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful video games of the year. If you want to have fun and get the most out of this game, you’ve come to the right place! Here we leave you some FIFA 21 Nintendo Switch tips and tricks so you can become an expert in the game.

main controls

Learning the main controls of FIFA 21 Nintendo Switch is essential to obtain good results in the game. These are the main controls:

  • Cross Button: Select button to see the game settings.
  • Button A: Button to select the options.
  • Button B: Button to exit the game.
  • X button: Button to use or not use pressure.
  • L/R buttons: Buttons to change player.
  • Joy-Con Right: Direct the movement of your player.
  • Left Joy-Con: Accuracy in passing and shooting.
  • Loose Joy-Con: Hover-Control (free movement on the field).
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Basic game tips

To improve your skills with FIFA 21 Nintendo Switch, here are some tips that will help you become a professional player:

  • Configure your buttons so that each one has a specific function.
  • Use pressure to nullify your opponent’s attacks.
  • Always keep an eye on the location of the other players to anticipate their movements.
  • Make good passes to move the ball and thus always be one step ahead of your opponent.
  • For shots, learn how to adjust the force by pressing the A button.
  • Use the hover-control to move freely around the field.
  • Always stay in control of the ball with the Joy-Con buttons.
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Applying these tips you will become a pro of FIFA 21 Nintendo Switch. If you combine them with these spectacular main controlsyou will surely have fun and win every game!

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