On the day of the Computex 2016 Fair, Cooler Master decided to heat up the atmosphere and reveal further details related to its presence at one of the largest events in the IT industry.

During the fair, the Taiwanese manufacturer plans both public and private shows, during which it will try to prove that it is the imagination and creative power of thousands of ordinary users that is able to provide the best solutions in the appearance and operation of PCs.

It all starts with her

The best evidence is the popular MasterCase series cases, led by their latest installment in the form of MasterCase Maker, or the MasterBox line, also providing a wide range of modifications both inside and outside the equipment.

Modifications to the very periphery

The superiority of modifiable devices is also to be convinced by e.g. MasterKeys. The user can not only choose their size – between the L and S versions – but also adjust their operation to their own needs and preferences. A similar choice in terms of appearance or configuration options applies to mice and headphones provided by Cooler Master.

Solutions good for PC

The fair is also an opportunity to show off new solutions, such as the innovative way of designing the circuit in MasterWatt Maker 1200, allowing for more efficient operation of the power supply.

Technologies that have already gained recognition among recipients will also be shown – here the Cooler Master brand is represented by MasterAir cooling.

Pop out at the fair

In addition to the presentation of equipment and the opportunity to ask questions to representatives of Cooler Master, at the company’s public stand, each visitor will be able to design and then print unique keyboard buttons or compose their own music in a 3D environment. In addition, there are attractions such as taking part in a parachute flight simulation or controlling a robot.

We invite you!

Computex will be held from May 31 to June 4. Cooler Master welcomes all visitors to the TWTC Nangang Exhibition, Hall 4F M0820.

About CoolerMaster

Cooler Master has been providing innovative solutions in the field of cooling computer devices for over two decades. Among them, modern cooling systems should be distinguished: radiators, fans, as well as housings, components and other accessories. Thanks to development, professional service and care for high quality products, Cooler Master has become an undisputed leader in the industry.

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