Before we start cosplaying, we need to consider whether we, as a given character, will be compatible with each other. For example: anyone who wants to dress up as Sona must have big… eyes. So myths, debunking them and much more!

Talent isn’t always enough to create a cosplay. Sometimes what we create can look bad on our body and we need to change the idea (even if the execution turned out very well). For these reasons, many costume artists create designs for others. But how to choose a character for our person? What should we do so that we don’t look… funny? We’ll discuss that a bit.

Let’s start with how good cosplay is. I will make a few points for this:

But you are alike!

A cosplay in which you can immediately see that the author has a certain similarity with the character he dressed up as. The important elements here are body proportions, facial expressions, skin color, etc. The images at the top perfectly reflect the character’s seriousness and atmosphere. Jhin’s mask is not easy to make, so here it deserves great respect, of course, apart from so many details and scratches in the arm and weapon. Sona, an innocent, glowing blue oasis of calm. We can feel all the features from the appearance and style of the author. Jinx, the gunshot madwoman. Title like a glove. Freedom shown through modesty in clothes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), a face like the Joker’s girlfriend, full of secrets, wildness, the need for entertainment, thirst (“To thirst is to hunger!”). First we look at each other, then we establish similarity.

A girl can’t dress up as a boy?! Why not?

Do you love a character of the opposite sex? No problem! It is enough to believe in yourself, not necessarily having a female / male complexion. Yordles are the best candidates for this category. Non-human characters easily work as a boy and girl at the same time! When it comes to people, it’s best to look for something like: a woman with a masculine character. Let’s take such a Vi. Dangerous, brave and strong. We have a lot of options, surely everyone will find something for themselves!

You can see and feel it!

Sets in which we cover our whole body require the most work at the same time. Well made guarantees success, and the worse ones … They can be a good soup. Just look at how Fiddlestick, jumping merrily, releases the scent of flowers, autumn and terror behind him, or how Azir contemplates a plan to rule Shurima. And that Aurelion… Ah! I love! <3

Finally, cosplays made … worse be only for FUN! (guess which) xD

Anyway, my opinion, some people may like it, so I’m not criticizing.

In conclusion, to avoid unnecessary spam, I will add that the photos provided are only to outline what I mean. I emphasize. What I mean. This post is only my opinion, everyone has different tastes, and they are not discussed. I am also not ordering you to dress up as specific characters. It’s about your satisfaction!