Shahid Ahmad he spent a decade at Sony Interactive Entertainment, most recently as Director of Strategic Content, where he played an important role in promoting PS Vita is PS4, before his departure in 2015.

In a new documentary titled The PlayStation revolution, which will be released in September, Ahmad reflected on ” hard time” of PS3, which he said transformed the PlayStation into an organization ” humble, passionate and enthusiastic“Who launched PS4.

If the organization had not made this cultural shift, Ahmad said, it could have been ” the end“For PlayStation.

« It was certainly a difficult period, as a lot of work was needed to remedy the technical deficit and the monetary deficit created by the launch of this material.« .

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« It was extraordinary material, but it was also extremely difficult to get the most out of it.« .

« The PlayStation that emerged at the end of the PS3 was a much more serious, determined and focused entity – and I’m not saying this from a personal perspective, but from a corporate perspective – compared to the organization of the beginning of the PS3 era.« .

Ahmad said that due to the missteps of the PS3 era, the stakes are incredibly high for the PS4 launch. Fortunately, he added, reception of the console has exceeded Sony’s expectations.

« I think we were also surprised by the reception of the PS4, because it was also a kind of revenge” , has explained. “We had overcome the difficulties of the PS3. We had to do it because otherwise it would have been the end« .

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« The strategy was set, the material was focused, and all that was left was the launch and reception by the fans.” , he added. ” Partners were present, developers were involved – independent developers were also involved in the launch of the PS4. The price had been fixed. DRM decisions have also been made, and so on« .

« What we did not expect is a success of this magnitude, beyond our dreams. But a lot is due to the tone with which we communicate everything: “This is 4 the Players”. The whole focus of the launch was around the players. «

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Ahmad attributed much of the success of the PS4 launch to Sony’s cultural shift, as the company had been “arrogant” with the previous generation.

« Do you remember the arrogance of the PS3 years? Compare that to the honesty and self-criticism of the PS4 launch period, and you can see the organization has transformed with humble, passionate, and enthusiastic people.« .

« That attitude and spirit started with the first PlayStation.« .

Released on September 7, PlayStation Revolution is a documentary that features interviews with key figures from Sony’s gaming division, past and present.

Mark Cerny, Jim Ryan, Hideo Kojima, Phil Harrison, Kazunori Yamauchi, Fumito Ueda, David Jaffe, Shinji Mikami and more appear in the film which will launch to coincide with PlayStation’s 25th anniversary in the US and UK. United.

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The film is written and directed by Anthony & Nicola Caulfield.

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