Cradlepoint launches 5G router for vehicle roof.

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Cradlepointan expert in cloud-managed LTE and 5G wireless networking solutions, has announced the launch of its new R2100 Series 5G Ruggedized router. This new solution can be implemented on vehicles And IoTdesigned to be installed outdoors: a “rooftop router”, for intelligent vehicles.

Cradlepoint launches 5G router for vehicle roof

Cradlepoint Launches R2100 Series 5G Ruggedized Router

The new router comes to provide the best performance for transportation companies, law enforcement agencies and other organizations that need a high bandwidth router. The new R2100 has a unique, flexible and streamlined design. But the big advantage is that it is designed to be mounted on the vehicle roof or an IoT cabinet.

This device integrates modem, antenna and router into one aerodynamic device, resistant to water and atmospheric agents, to vibrations and shocks. The R2100 can be sold with or without Wi-Fi 6 and can function as a standalone router or integrate with an existing router as a 5G adapter.

Cradlepoint launches 5G router for vehicle roof

The advantages of this solution

Cradlepoint explains that this R2100 Series 5G Ruggedized router offers:

  • Simplified installation: the need for antenna cables has been eliminated, making installation easier and more convenient. With just a power cord and a small hole in the roof, organizations with vehicle fleets can reduce installation costs and complexity.
  • Seamless extension of 5G: Customers can integrate 5G into their deployment using the R2100 as a Captive Modem mode, controlled by a Cradlepoint router. This eliminates the need for another license, saving the customer time and money.
  • Easy addition of Wi-Fi: Like the Captive Modem feature, the R2100 Series can serve as a captive Wi-Fi source, extending coverage for applications such as video offload, passenger Wi-Fi connectivity, computer aided dispatch connectivity, and more . The integration of Wi-Fi does not involve additional costs.
  • Simplified 5G integration with third parties: R2100 can be used as a 5G adapter and integrated with third-party edge router via WAN port.
  • Simplified edge computing with built-in containers: the R2100 is designed to support local containers for edge computing capabilities. NetCloud manages the creation, deployment, and connectivity of containers and workloads, making deployment of edge computing applications a simple and secure process.

One solution for several industries

This router, managed by Cradlepoint NetCloud, can provide edge security and connectivity solutions for different industries. From those who take full advantage of the IoT to those who need fleets of smart vehicles.

Cradlepoint launches 5G router for vehicle roof

Donna Johnson, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Cradlepoint, explains: “Organizations are entering a new phase of their transformation journey, extending their reach with vehicles that need reliable connectivity in order to access cloud-based applications. Indeed, the R2100 series demonstrates how Cradlepoint is helping to expand the capabilities of organizations such as police, fire, emergency medical services and transport, helping them to benefit from 5G connectivity in a simple and efficient way”.

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Cradlepoint launches 5G router for vehicle roof