Ran Avni / ConceptsiPhone

Let’s face it right now: as Apple users, we love to fantasize about the next thing they put in our pockets, dolls or anywhere. If we could, we probably wouldn’t have a problem diving headlong into each of the company’s research and development labs. So it’s no surprise that now that the iPhone 12 seems to leave little to the imagination, we’re already imagining what the iPhone 13 could be like.

Pointing out that there is no clear information on what we might find, more than vague rumors of portless phones and other weird changes, and taking into account that Apple typically takes around three years between major design renovations, it’s likely that the iPhone 13 is more of a minor update to the iPhone 12. However, that doesn’t stop someone from imagining a device that can go much further.

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In this case, we are sharing with you a concept created by Ran Avni of ConceptsiPhone. A video showing a device that shows this latent interest in trying to fit in one way or another a dual screen or a flexible screen. And the truth is, if that concept was right, more than one of us would probably drool. In this proposal, the designer shares a device with a curved main screen and a sliding second screen.

From what the creative concept implies, the second screen would use a function similar to iPadOS dual screen. Additionally, the edges of the main screen would replace conventional device and control center controls, similar to what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Edge. Of course, the phone would also have the quad camera that’s already slated to arrive with the next iPhone, with the fourth member of that bundle being the LiDAR sensor.

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Again, we haven’t even gotten to officially know the upcoming iPhone 12, although the specs for a possible iPhone 13 seem somewhat out of place. However, we can be sure that Apple always has a surprise up its sleeve. And while sometimes they aren’t as spectacular as the crazy concepts some present, they end up being a lot more practical and innovative than these might have become if they had become a reality.

Source: Techradar